Why Being the “Noticer” Creates More Success


Can we get this out of the way before we talk about your success. You are what you think about, and you attract more of what you put your attention on.

Yes, that internal dialogue does not get hidden from any of us. We are magnets to how we feel and think.

Your thoughts create your reality, your habits are formed by your thoughts and feelings and soon, reality is formed. As a matter of fact…your external reality becomes an attractor for how you think.

Remember when you bought your last new car? All of a sudden, that car was everywhere Did the dealer have a promotion and everyone in your area bought that car? 

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Is that next Career move really scary?

We can really get ourselves twisted up into a situation, can’t we?


You know that it’s wrong. We keep efforting to make it better. After all….who would ever hire us the way we feel? I haven’t been able to get a promotion or get recognized HERE, what makes me think I will get ahead somewhere else? So we keep on putting up with “status quo”. We tolerate being belittled, bullied or just plain bored.

You disdain Monday. How do I know? Been there, wore the stress and pain, had all the symptoms.

Here are some facts:
  • Your sense of self-worth is embedded in your job.
  • The ability to change others and make things different for you is limited.
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    Time: Spending It? Using it? or Losing It? Where is your time going?

    Where is your time going? Do we spend time, use time or lose time?


    This past week my old car pulled up next to me at a light. My red hybrid Camry looked ok for its age. Bumper a bit scratched and I wondered if it rode as well as it did for the five years I drove it. Nostalgia hit me like a sudden life movie began playing.

    Where was I when I drove that car? Who was I when I bought it?

    I was striving to be someone more than I was at the time. The car wasn’t my answer to that, I just wanted the car for practical reasons,

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    When you want more…will the critics win?


    When you want more….will your critics win? Each week I speak to dozens of folks about their careers (and their lives). Each week I use the best in my coaching skills to bring out the best in these souls, all wanting more in life.

    The pain of…
    • Careers and jobs not feeling good
    • A bully boss that just won’t let up
    • Being overlooked for a promotion
    • Knowing they are good at what they do and they don’t know how to do more
    • Not being able to speak up when they need to and blowing it when they do
    • Fearful of repeating the same trends and getting stuck in the same way in the next job

    There is a new way….it involves leaving past programming,

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    Breast Cancer Forced Me to Bring My Soul to Work (after the spinning)

    It Wasn’t Really That Easy… Breast Cancer Forced Me to Bring My Soul to Work (after the spinning)

    We bring forward all that we are in tough times.

    I have a strength in powering through tough times. I moved 4 times before 6th grade. I became adaptable, flexible and accustomed to change. This strength helped me be an excellent critical care nurse- I loved being first to help a heart patient when they “coded”. I loved saving cardiac patients. I love helping people. But….when it was time for me I didn’t know what to do.

    2008 was a year I will never forget. My world as a woman changed forever.

    Breast cancer took my breasts.

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    Why I Love Meetings, Really!


     I Love Meetings

    Lots of folks I talk to can’t stand meetings, no matter what kind. They would rather speak in public.

    You know the meetings, where others drone on about stats or obvious processes or budget shortfalls or….all the crap you now have to do that is added to an already full plate and OMG how can you possibly????

    At every level of my career I have gone to meetings. When I worked as Vice President in a hospital system my physician colleagues would ask what I do all day.

    “Meetings…..all day.” I said with a whiff of….of course I do. In a few paragraphs I will explain just how I get through it all and how I enjoyed it.

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    3 Steps to Ask for Anything and Have Fun Doing It


    ASK? the very thought is stressful. I always took it personally.  Every time I asked for anything.

    You know what that does? It puts the stakes very high. When there is a greater risk we will avoid doing things. As a human, you are wired that way (Sure there are a few daredevils out there.). But, as kind and naturally loving humans, we don’t want to fail, we don’t want to hurt and we don’t want to appear stupid, foolish or arrogant.

    When you ask for something and you have your whole self, reputation and inner sense of self-riding on the line, the asks don’t come. The emotions stop the brain and we FREEZE.

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    Mastering Your Thought Habits


    What if your energy force felt good all the time? What if you suspended your current worry and fear and let the good come in?

    How would that feel?

    What if a trusted friend said, “don’t worry, the Universe has your back”? Well, I want to tell you that is does, you just have to allow it to happen. “How can I do this” this you may ask.  I see thought habits changing people’s lives every single day! You can feel different, you can control what you think about, you can change your entire life, just by changing the way you think.

    People have been amazed when I tell them this! “OMG, MO, it really works!”

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    Do You Need to Bring Your Soul to Work?


    You’re working hard, and I know you feel like you can’t go anymore. Sometimes you think “they” will notice how great and dedicated you are. “They” should, you have put in the long hours and go the extra mile but you still feel invisible! You can look around and see that you are the best, you may even think, “man, what would they do without me?”.

    I’ve been there, I remember feeling so confused and even betrayed. That’s why i’m now a career coach because I finally figured it out and been helping hundreds of folks reclaim themselves and their careers.

    By bringing your soul to work, you can change these patterns and learn how to see a different way.

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    3 Steps To Stop Self-Sabotaging Your Career


    As many of you know, I write for the amazing blog Heal Your Life, I wanted to share one of the posts wrote over there! Focus on these 3 steps for immediate results.

    We all want to stop the inner self from sabotaging our next steps in our career. Confidence is essential and the number one “make it” or “break it” ingredient. Without it, we stay stuck, miserable and feel worse, which keeps us stuck. Over and over, we feel bad, we get frustrated and we stay stuck. Where is the confidence?

    From my years as an executive, I have seen four warning signs that it is time to get unstuck.

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