Happy New You! A New You all Year Long.

Happy New You! New You all Year Long.

Happy New YOU!

Each year, same old resolutions come and go and they are written about why they fail. Perhaps now you settle into a simple promise that you know you can keep.

“I will be more sincere this year.” And as soon as you say it your gremlin mind begins to take over! “You know you can’t be that way at work!” “You know you can’t be that way with Sally!” (Friend who needs your shoulder to cry on and you never get anything from her.)

This year must be different. You must get that promotion, get that raise, or go for that new job that you are so worth and ready for!

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Mo’s Best of 2016

Oh, what a year of growth! Lots of Bests!

I want to share my best reads and listens with you as a year end wrap up to Mo-tivational Mondays!

Has this year been your best? I hope it has been! Think about where can you notch it up!

Ever since I was a young girl, reading and learning have been my refuge. I have read a lot this year! My Book Club knows it. Lives get changed by reading books. My all time favorite, Napoleon Hill’s “Think & Grow Rich” is an all time success manual. Not only my life, Oprah’s, Tony Robbins, my son, many clients….. If you haven’t read this book. Get it now,

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Your Light Shines Brightest When….

Your Success Depends on your Light Shining Brightly.

Your Light Shines Brightest When…

Success is determined by you. Your ability to BE your best self and to work with your alignment is essential, otherwise, you are just working a JOB. We aren’t happy when we just work at a job.  When our light shines bright we are working in our career….it matters to us and to others.

Years ago I was hitting myself up against a brick wall…choruses of “why don’t you just get another job”….”people like you don’t last” all sorts of messages, directly and indirectly sent my way as I struggled. My light was not shining, my light was OUT. I was struggling to show up for work.

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5 Reasons Why Money Matters

Yikes….I was told as a young girl that talking about money is rude. Money is also the root of all evil, right? I really need to stay away from money. It is bad….and people with it are bad!! Those were the messages I grew up with, how about you?  Just like many of us, I was raised to be honest, modest and a hard worker.

I was raised that envy, money and greed go together.  So, work hard for little money is how that works out…heck no! As a young catholic girl money was the devil and to be avoided at all costs! But, we need money. We need money to live, to give and to create comfort. 

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The Questions You Need To Ask Your Boss Now To Advance Your Career

It is the end of the year and before you dig in and throw an “oh well!” about your career

and with your arms up….as in, this year nothing happened…..take time to control your destiny.

Just a little conversation with the right person can begin a wonderful trajectory, NOW!

Last year a woman with the initials, D.B. had a conversation with her boss.

“I have really enjoyed growing this department to this size and know I can do more.”

Nodding from across the table….

“I want to advance have have more opportunity. The past 19 years here I have contributed to the start and development of many initiatives.

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Does the Current You Belong in Your Future Career?

This morning a career is changing…..one proud and happy (and changed) woman is starting her new dream job. She was stuck in her toxic environment for nearly 10 years, feeling competent and necessary she stuck with it. Who knows what stress disease may have befallen her? Or damage to her family may have come with more years of misery, bringing her toxic self home each night.

I know what toxicity at work can do!

One day a few months ago she messaged me that my motto,

“Everything Always Works Out for Me”

was getting on her nerves.

I asked her to give it a few days. She had a long commute and I suggested she change her thoughts on her commute.

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How Bragging and Gratitude Combine For Success

It’s Always a Good Time for Gratitude, but bragging?

Recently, I forgot a crucial element in my life.

I forgot my center and it hurt.

You know, the external parts of life get to be too much.

Ouch the walls came tumbling down. Overwhelm took over as I soldiered on. 

Warrior Mo…she came back to help me through the tough times. When times get tough, so do I.

And now I see a part of me I thought I left behind in my past. The hard-charging executive who knew how to ask and demand and create results, well….. She showed back up and it wasn’t welcome.

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Who Are You In Your Dream Job?

Who Are You In Your Dream Job?  

What is Your Dream Job?

Are you now like Deena who loves Mondays and can’t wait to get back at it with her team?

Or there’s Joy who is so excited to be great and make a difference in her new sales job?

Maybe you like Annette who is now feeling valued and valuable to her boss and her organization, saying, “I feel like the real me again!”


Are you like Janet who takes a few tries to land the one job using her skills, making more money and feeling great in her environment, being a respected leader and team member?

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Why Being the “Noticer” Creates More Success

Can we get this out of the way before we talk about your success. You are what you think about, and you attract more of what you put your attention on.

Yes, that internal dialogue does not get hidden from any of us. We are magnets to how we feel and think.

Your thoughts create your reality, your habits are formed by your thoughts and feelings and soon, reality is formed. As a matter of fact…your external reality becomes an attractor for how you think.

Remember when you bought your last new car? All of a sudden, that car was everywhere Did the dealer have a promotion and everyone in your area bought that car? 

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Is that next Career move really scary?

We can really get ourselves twisted up into a situation, can’t we?


You know that it’s wrong. We keep efforting to make it better. After all….who would ever hire us the way we feel? I haven’t been able to get a promotion or get recognized HERE, what makes me think I will get ahead somewhere else? So we keep on putting up with “status quo”. We tolerate being belittled, bullied or just plain bored.

You disdain Monday. How do I know? Been there, wore the stress and pain, had all the symptoms.

Here are some facts:
  • Your sense of self-worth is embedded in your job.
  • The ability to change others and make things different for you is limited.
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