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Your Career Matters Step #2 Create a Destination Worthy of You

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Your Career Matters to Every Part of Your Life. So, Create a Destination Worthy of You.

She was shot down for a promotion.

“That’s ok,” she told herself….”I didn’t want to work that hard or play those ridiculous office politics, anyway!”

Just under the surface, she was crushed.

Deep down, under her rationalizing brain, her mind began to spin.

Thoughts and feelings of all the times she was ignored, overlooked,

even mocked for being her.

All those feelings came streaming out.

Not to worry, she knew exactly how to suppress them.

Wine with friends, they will understand and so, a night out bitching together,

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Write This and Claim Your Destiny

Write This and Claim Your Destiny

Do this and claim your destiny!

This week a wonderful client of mine reminded me of an exercise I gave her last year.

She was embarking on a great big journey.

She was expanding her idea of herself and…

Her work life and just how big she could be.

She began to see the miracles pop up in the path.

She sat next to a man who worked at one desired company.

Many more “synchronicities” occurred that she took not of in delight.

She began to feel it was all possible- more than possible.

She began to feel the fabric of the magical Universe unfolding in front of her very eyes!

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5 Reasons She Said Yes To Herself

5 Reasons She Said Yes to Herself

You need to say yes to yourself and here is how…

You’re always following everyone’s idea of you.

You’ve been told you can’t do what your heart desires to do so you’ve settled.

You’re in a decent job, making decent money, career on the rise, but inside someone else has the grip on your soul.

Never enough time, money, joy….and yet so many people seem to be in the same boat.

Maybe this is just how life is supposed to be.

I should stop wanting more, who do I think I am?

(Wait, is that really YOUR voice?)

I too, questioned the inner surge of wanting more.

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Three Ways to Guarantee Career Love

Three Ways To Guarantee Career Love

Each day I speak to folks who work. Yes, people who put forth effort in the world, mostly for a company (sometimes for themselves) and they are not happy and fulfilled. Meaning escapes them.

Are we supposed to find meaning in our work?

Maybe that is just for nomads, coaches, authors, yogis?

Meaning is the exact goal we all look for in life and YES! It can be found in our work. When meaning is found in work we feel a high vibrational energy, feels like LOVE.

The feelings like LOVE cause chemicals in our body to soothe and make us feel great. Why, then wouldn’t we want CAREER LOVE?

We work at least 8 hours a day and if we are not feeling love,

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3 Ways To Overcome…What I Hear Way Too Often!

I hear this way too often... (1)

I want you to overcome these tragic problems I hear all the time.

The most difficult part of changing for the better is that we have a loyalty to our negative thinking.

Yes, you do! It is sometimes labeled as , “this is just who I am, I’m not good at interviews,” or, “I don’t think they will hire me, look at my resume”…

or other limiting self stories…“I’m just a nervous person, I don’t do well in big companies,”“Bosses are always so difficult,”“I’ve never done that before, they won’t hire me.”

We hang on to these beliefs to save ourselves the pain of not getting what we truly want, so we don’t ever go for it.

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Wake Up Wanting to Feel Good…Here’s How

Wake Up Wanting to Feel Good

I have been upbeat all my life….but the inner talk has been challenging over the years….until I did this. 

For years the first thought I had in the morning, was “Oh no, not again!” Many mornings I woke up early to go on a run. The early morning run was my feel good start to the day. I yearned to have this feeling last as long as I could.

But….that runner’s’ high and that self-talk of “way to go Mo” barely lasted to my commute to the office!

Then I added CD’s, motivational books and everything I could to FEEL BETTER on my drive in. 

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Be the Being You Want to BE

Be the Being You Want to Be

OK, Big reveal…

Something became obvious after a client learned a painful life lesson. It has a big impact on me as a coach.

You see…my heart breaks every day….that’s right, every day.

And this one time it really hurt. You see, my coaching is an investment. Of course, you want to make changes in your career and life, it’s an investment in time and money.

I conduct webinars, talk about what I did to lift my career. And post all the time, tips, techniques and stories of others who are landing their dream jobs and crushing it!

I lifted my career and that of others’ many times in my life and know how to combine the best in executive techniques with spiritual and personal development.

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Who Are You In Your Dream Job?


Who Are You In Your Dream Job?  

What is Your Dream Job?

Are you now like Deena who loves Mondays and can’t wait to get back at it with her team?

Or there’s Joy who is so excited to be great and make a difference in her new sales job?

Maybe you like Annette who is now feeling valued and valuable to her boss and her organization, saying, “I feel like the real me again!”


Are you like Janet who takes a few tries to land the one job using her skills, making more money and feeling great in her environment, being a respected leader and team member?

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Why Being the “Noticer” Creates More Success


Can we get this out of the way before we talk about your success. You are what you think about, and you attract more of what you put your attention on.

Yes, that internal dialogue does not get hidden from any of us. We are magnets to how we feel and think.

Your thoughts create your reality, your habits are formed by your thoughts and feelings and soon, reality is formed. As a matter of fact…your external reality becomes an attractor for how you think.

Remember when you bought your last new car? All of a sudden, that car was everywhere Did the dealer have a promotion and everyone in your area bought that car? 

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Time: Spending It? Using it? or Losing It? Where is your time going?

Where is your time going? Do we spend time, use time or lose time?


This past week my old car pulled up next to me at a light. My red hybrid Camry looked ok for its age. Bumper a bit scratched and I wondered if it rode as well as it did for the five years I drove it. Nostalgia hit me like a sudden life movie began playing.

Where was I when I drove that car? Who was I when I bought it?

I was striving to be someone more than I was at the time. The car wasn’t my answer to that, I just wanted the car for practical reasons,

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