10 Steps To A Better Future: Jump-Start Your Passion Work Now

Does your day job constantly remind you that it is not the right fit? Maybe your boss doesn’t recognize you or your contributions, or your hours are so long you arrive home bleary eyed.

Are your passions getting sidelined, because you have nothing left. Do you long to do something more meaningful with your life?

We often tend to be haunted by our own self-doubt and criticism. “Why can’t I just do my passion work?” You ask yourself over and over. My advice is always the same, change your thinking – change your life.

Focus on your success at work, focus on your day job. If you pursue your passion now, at the energetic level of dissatisfaction, frustration, and limited thinking, this energy will stick around well into the future. You need to increase who you are and bring a higher self to your work, now!

Do what you can to raise yourself up to be the highest YOU, you can be in your current work. You must be stronger, more visible, a better communicator, more confident, and altogether playing at a higher level of the game.

Get Better At You. Get Better At Your Day Job.

Your success now is directly related to your success later.  You must begin planting abundance, gratitude, decision-making and communicating. Not getting noticed at work? Don’t take this into your passion work, it will show up there as well.

Everything you do to expand yourself, your skills and your ability to attract the life you want NOW, will inform, teach and spark the growth you need to succeed later.

It is all about YOU, all the time, every minute.

Your life is a reflection of 1) you, 2) your thinking about yourself (self-view) and 3) your thinking about the world (world-view).

You must grow and align with your highest self. Get behind these ten methods to fuel your best self now, your passion work will thank you. These will increase your vibrational level so you can be more successful at your day job:

1. Get Clear On Who You Are And What You Want.

You must know what your core values are, these are your natural gifts and talents. Get clear on the inner you. Once you see who you are, you can use that where you work. For example, If you know you love to create, get on a committee to create a new process at work, or ask your manager for ideas on how you can contribute in a new way.  If you are not sure what your natural gifts and talents are you can download my FREE 30 Minute Mission Statement to get started

2. Get Real With Your Current Situation.

Do you know your true worth? Have you said “no” to opportunities to expand? Figure out why you aren’t you growing at work. Where do you need to show up bigger, be more confident? Where do you need to speak up for yourself? Show up bigger, better, and more fully you. Perhaps my recent blog, Shift #2, Confidence in Your Worth will help you sort out a few ways you may have internal conflict over that are causing your reality to be vague and confusing. (Remember it is all a mirror of your thinking.) Watch this video now.

3. Make More Money Now.

I am an advocate of interviewing to research the market, it is a great exercise that can help you know your worth. Can you make more money somewhere else? Interviewing is a great way to understand your worth and put a play into making more money. Guess what? When you make more money you get more comfortable with money, You tell the Universe it is important to you.  Learn to handle more, learn to manage more, save more and be more successful. Write down the exact title and amount of salary you want to receive in your (next) job. Visualize your life with that salary – feel it and know it is yours. So many folks I talk to tell me that money isn’t important. Well, then you won’t have it. Make it important. You do live in the physical world and having the means to enjoy the physical world makes the spiritual world and the freedoms of it, all the easier.

4. Change Your Perspective On Success.

How do you feel about other’s success? Envy, anger, frustration? If yes, change your perspective! Become a lifter of others, surround yourself (and them) with positivity. You have a chance to learn from them, so why not see the joy in other’s success? Your success won’t take anything from others. This can be a big limiting belief. Success brings all sorts of wonderful attributes to life. Freedom, happiness, and the higher energy YOU, are all easier when you feel successful and recognized. Get used to it. Feel it and know your highest self loves to feel valued and appreciated.

5. Your Money Vibration Equals Your Energy Vibration.

Back to money again, it is important that you reach your current earnings goal (that is realistic of course). This way you can keep your energy level up. Remember your vibrational level is reflected in your current life, why not keep expanding yourself? As you keep expanding yourself, your life gets richer in every way. Keep growing. Focus on what is working in your life, focus on how awesome you are and focus on how awesome other people are. Successful people want others to be successful and see the brilliance in others. Be that!

6. Create Discipline For Success.

Discipline is the difference between talking about what you want to do and actually doing it. Discipline is necessary for your passion work. Discipline is the difference between dreaming and doing. No matter how much time you can rally together, find some time to spend on your passion work. Schedule it into your calendar like it was a special appointment. I am doing that now as well with certain longer term projects that I need to complete. We can always find ways to rationalize that “I have no time” or “I’m too tired”. Success goes to the one who persists and pushes. It has to matter enough for you to weather the difficult times. Exercise and expand your discipline muscles, you will be glad you did. It helps with everything important in life that you want to do.

7Invest In Mentoring.

Find someone who can teach and lead you. You must pick someone who is meant for you, someone who can help your grow. Make sure you do your research and take your time! Perhaps an ex-boss, a co-worker who has made progress, or hire a coach. Find someone who can lift you up and bring you new insights, ideas and feedback. I have created a video especially about this important topic, watch it here SHIFT to Success, Shift #5- Invest in Mentoring.

8. Create A Networking Ritual.

I advise everyone to get into the habit of spending some time each week with someone who either you can lift, or who can lift you. Schedule a meal or a tea break with them!  Always make sure you carve out time spent with others where you are consciously building relationships and adding value to someone’s life and work. Your network will enliven and enrich you. I have been doing this for years. Your current work will be better and your passion work will surely reap the rewards of networking. Having a robust network (we used to call it having a big rolodex) will pay off for you and for them. Get a few lunches booked up for the coming weeks before this good idea passes.

9. Surround Yourself With Others Who Are Successful. 

Do not take advice from those who aren’t successful. Find people who are doing it well (maybe those who mentor you). Open up, reach out, create new friends and alliances, again, we are back to networking. You want to be with people who can create awesome possibilities for you. The more time you spend with others who lift you (and those who you lift), the better it will be for you. It is said that you are the average of the 5 people you hang out with most. Do they make you more of  yourself? Do they have a bigger life? Do they see with deeper vision? If the answer is no– make new friends. Do not be the smartest, best dressed, most interesting person in the room. But do surrounded yourself with them.

10. Be Vigilant Of Your Thoughts.

Train your thought habits to stop bringing you down, today is the day to create new thought habits. The BEST replacement phrase. (That’s what you say instead of negative or damaging thoughts) is:” EVERYTHING ALWAYS WORKS OUT FOR ME!”

Remember your thoughts create your feelings and these habits create your life. Your entire reality is here because you thought it into existence. Begin thinking new thoughts and feel great more often! Train your brain to think of the possibilities, train your brain to notice what is working in your life. Train your brain to be appreciative, expecting wonderful things to happen to you  and know that miracles do exist. If you have serious career aspirations and want to build a new level of success, book a Clarity Call with me. It is FREE and everyone who mentions this article will receive a FREE “Everything Always Works Out for Me” card. (I will mail one to your US or Canadian address). BOOK YOUR CLARITY CALL HERE

These 10 steps will bring you to a new higher version of you. That is the you who will be successful now and for your passion work. You will see new possibilities, you will see through eyes of abundance, success and knowing miracles happen. That is the you that needs to shine out through your passion work. Make it happen now, learn success where you are NOW!