Want Your Career to Soar? Try these 4 Foolproof Ways to Acknowledge People and Yourself!

Acknowledgement is the root of engaging with others and connecting your greatness with their greatness. When we shine a light on another, or on ourselves, we bring their soul to our attention. We often find ourselves becoming estranged from others. We need to take a moment to realize how grateful we are for the people in our life. Whether at work, home or on a special holiday we can acknowledge others, even though we’re very busy!

Of course, let’s not forget our own soul, our own being. When we feel great, we can give more to others.  We have to fill ourselves up with warm throughs. Check here for my post on how to think positively!

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Here are a few steps you can take to build your acknowledging habit.

These 4 steps will increase the time you are in your highest self. Do one or two! Feel great and pass it on!

  1. Point out (to anyone) what they are doing right.

Did you see a friend or coworker do something awesome today? I hope you let them know what an awesome job they did! Do not be afraid to speak up and let them know they are great. Let your partner know how hard they are working, or how your co-worker rocked that presentation, even tell yourself how great you are doing!  Acknowledgement is meant to say, “I see your greatness!”

  1. Shine a light on someone’s being

Praise is a good way to let people know you are acknowledging them. Use specific phrases, beyond “Great work, you really blew me away”. Show those around you that you are listening to them, that you see the real person. Attach something specific to your praise that avoids how you are affected. So instead of “Great work, you really blew me away”, go with, “I really liked how you stayed with the comments you got on your presentation, you really gave everyone the time they needed in that meeting”.

Here are some kickass examples to try:

  • “Thank you for your warm-hearted laugh”.
  • “Your confidence is really showing today!”
  • “Your hard work is really paying off, congratulations!”
  • “You look fabulous today, your kindness is shining through”


  1. Spend time bragging (does that word freak you out?) about your skills, talents and accomplishments. (I suggest an interview for this)

Yes, shine up your resume and get yourself an interview. It is the best place to shine on your career, skills and talents. Once we fill ourselves up, knowing our value, we can share our brilliance and get more comfortable “tooting” our own horn! Line up your great accomplishments and more importantly how you had to BE in your brightest days! Going on an interview gives you a chance to feel good about all the amazing things you’ve done at work. It is a great way to acknowledge yourself!  Here are some tips from one of my blogs. Read Here.

  1. Delete criticizing from your daily activities.

In my coaching certification, Coach for Life, Coaching the Human Spirit, I was taught the value of acknowledging. We don’t need critics or judges, we need to be seen and valued for who we are and what we do. Let’s ONLY acknowledge. Remove the voice from your head, that inner critic, and replace it with positivity. Once we remove our inner critic, we can remove criticizing others (yes, that means office gossip!)

Use these 4 tools to get in a more acknowledgement mode and do it regularly. Lift moods and grow confidence. Build your career and your inner self with these useful, action NOW tools!

You are awesome for getting to this point in the article. Awesome is YOU!

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