5 Reasons She Said Yes To Herself

You need to say yes to yourself and here is how…

You’re always following everyone’s idea of you.

You’ve been told you can’t do what your heart desires to do so you’ve settled.

You’re in a decent job, making decent money, career on the rise, but inside someone else has the grip on your soul.

Never enough time, money, joy….and yet so many people seem to be in the same boat.

Maybe this is just how life is supposed to be.

I should stop wanting more, who do I think I am?

(Wait, is that really YOUR voice?)

I too, questioned the inner surge of wanting more.

Who the heck do I think I am wanting more? (Greedy bitch, came a silent but thunderous voice.)

You can’t have it all (echoed the refrain of every women’s empowerment article. Settle on one priority.)

All of these competing voices have taken up space, not only in your head, but in your heart. Ultimately, they take up permanent residence in the middle of your soul and sorrow sets in so deep, you wonder if you ever DIDN’T have it. Ahhh..but, remember a few decades ago before this chronic weighted down feeling came? You were fun, you knew joy….you had friends who were fun.

I see women blossoming each day in my workshop…the work we are doing is my purpose in life. The work I have them pay attention to is inside. The career explosions and compensation increases come only after we face the inner programming and re-define who we are and that it is ok to be AWESOME!

Yes- it is ok to be cool, confident, fun, smart, walk in the room radiant. You have it in you, everyone does.
Trouble is, sooooo many people along the way have poked and prodded and should you to a smaller version of yourself. Hardly recognizable?!!

She finally said yes to herself and the world responded.

We spoke, she was sure the bully boss, the promotion she wasn’t sure she wanted, the pay she kept settling for, she was sure it was all too small. It was beginning to hurt way too much!

So, she said YES to herself.
She said, “I am going to listen to a big hearted woman who has commanded large audiences, helped women breakthrough, one on one, and carried them past their limiting beliefs toward themselves, toward new careers, new jobs, new income,” She said yes and the roads all come through her soul!

So, say yes to you.

Say yes to a new way of thinking about what is possible.

Say yes to a new way to align with your inner (soul) power.

Say yes to your heart’s desires and NO to the gremlins in your way.

Say yes to realizing that doing the same thing over and over will yield the same results!

Say yes to guidance that will show you a new way, a way to shine and Kick Ass!

Need more….

  1. Say Yes to a new way of thinking about what is possible. Often, when I talk to someone on my career clarity calls, we get into career trends, career obstacles and challenges. The same ones appear over and over. When that happens, we humans can’t help but to think, “that’s just the way it goes.”  Let go of what you know and imagine something more is possible. Each day I lovingly challenge someone’s limiting thoughts about career and life. Because, each of us only know what we know. We need others to help us see what more is possible. I belong to 2 mastermind groups and have 2 coaches who help me see life and my accomplishments in perspective. Suspend disbelief and imagine something more for you. That is the beginning of everything new, say YES to what is possible for you. Learn more about yes to you in a free career clarity call.
  2. Say yes to aligning with your best self. That best self is the highest version of you. That inner you who knows your heart, who breathes, the inner you who knows there is more. Find that inner you and learn to stay in touch. It is practice to align with your higher self. There are so many opportunities in your day, week, life to focus on what isn’t right and what isn’t working. Stay focused on what is your highest good and your highest version of yourself.
  3. Say yes to your heart’s desires and NO to the gremlin voices. You live this life to LIVE. So, live it. Your heart’s desires don’t have to include chucking it all to open a dress shop. When I work with women in my workshop, we explore ways to leverage current education, expertise and experience. When you are able to land employment in a way that you feel awesome, then you can begin to take it up a notch. Dream careers aren’t the birth child of pain and desperation. You must increase your joy and happiness and then pursue your dreams. Strategically and soundly after you align with yourself and after you learn how to quiet the gremlins. Learn to discipline your emotions and mindset, it is only after that when you will be able to pursue MORE! Learn about your gremlins on my free webinar.
  4. Say yes to something new. In order to get new results in your career and life, you need to do something different. Repeating the same thoughts,habits, feelings and seeing the world the same way, gets the SAME results. Even driving to work a new way will signal to the Universe that you are ready for doing things differently.
  5. Say yes to guidance that will show you a new way, a way to shine and Kick Ass! Make sure you have good guidance, make sure you receive help from someone who has traveled the raging river before you….otherwise you will be destined to repeat your mistakes and get frustrated…..don’t get to that point, bring in an expert to help you change your view and your thoughts, feelings and actions. You will need to rely on a skilled expert or experts (like I do) to guide you to where you have not been.

These unique steps will bring about great progress in your life. Getting ready to expand and do more is an inside job. It is also one to do with expert help and when the going gets rough, a reliable tribe (like the Kick Ass women in my workshop) to support you unconditionally.

Let’s face it, the reason why we humans find it so hard to change and truly have the life we want, is because it requires being a new way and doing new things, we need to learn and we need to practice when being and doing new things. Let’s get the practice going.

You want to get going on your new life and career? Let’s talk about what’s not working and look to get action steps going for you! Book Your FREE Career Clarity Call HERE!