5 Ways to Beat Office Politics

Office Politics Can Kill Your Success or Make It!

There are ways to rise above office politics to continue to succeed with your job. Easier said than done, right? Wrong! There are some great things you can do to kick your office politics in the butt. Think about it simply, office politics is just your differences between other people. Really, It all comes down to communicating effectively and developing awesome relationships. When we fix those, we beat office politics.

1. Map Your Organization

Office politics often work their way around the set hierarchal positions. Many have different relationships with others so even though those who are below you may be given more information or tasks depending on where they fall into the office “map”. Take some time to sit back and watch how people communicate with each other and then map out a new organization chart based on office politics. This is a great first step because it lays everything out for you, think about who has authority but doesn’t use it,  who is respected, who is in charge, who are the other influencers? Often there are influencers who don’t have official titles. Take a step back and watch.

2. Create A Networking Ritual

Making the most of your network is key. When you build positive and meaningful relationships they become a way to avoid negative politics. When we surround ourselves with positive friendly people it helps us grow personally. Not only that but having a close network helps us make the much-needed connections that help us grow within the company.

I advise everyone to get into the habit of spending some time each week with someone who either you can lift, or who can lift you. Schedule a meal or a break with them!  Your network will enliven and enrich you. Having a powerful network will pay off for you and for them. Learn my best way for reducing conflict and tension now!

  1. Surround Yourself With Others Who Are Successful

Let’s get this out of that way, do not take advice from those who aren’t successful. Find people who are rocking it, find ways to spend time with them, get on a committee, or a project where you can observe, interact and model their success traits. It is said that you are the average of the 5 people you hang out with most. Do they make you more of  yourself? Do they make you happy? Do they see with deeper vision? If the answer is no, it is time to make new friends. You don’t have to be the smartest or best-dressed person in the room, but do surround yourself with them. Learn how to create your own kick ass council of advisors now!

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  1. Don’t Get Personal

Sometimes office politics can hurt, it is easy to get passionate about what you spend your days with. The key thing to remember is not to let it get to you! At times you will get angry and you will want to tell that person off, but it is important to keep your cool. Remember to be who you want to be, show up each day, each minute as the highest version of you. People tend to remember the crisis moments more than office politics, and they will most certainly remember the time you gave them a piece of your mind or, the time you helped them in a pinch. Step away from situations that cause an emotional reaction and remove your personalizing of it. Try my 5 ways to start thinking positive for more help!

  1. Know What Your End Goals Are

What are you trying to achieve in the long run? Keep this in mind! You are at work,  to well… work. It is so easy to become mired in office politics and focus on everyone’s clashing minds, but if you remember why you are there you can avoid this (with a little patience). Focus on the business objective, when you set your mind to something constructive you spend less time getting into politics. Keep your eye on your career goals, not the minute or meeting in front of you.

PS- One forgotten piece of advice, stop gossiping. Stop talking about others, except in a positive light. Publicly honor co-workers and get out of negative conversations.

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