What is the Best Time Of Your Life?

What’s the Best time of your life?

I want to share mine because so many have enjoyed it as much as I have.

Your best time in your life, whether that be as a child,

a teenager,

a young adult or last week,

this time tells us things about our soul.

These times are when we are connected to the Energetic Universe that is the source of all happiness and joy.

We must create more time in this miracle making space.

When I coach people to find this space, to spend more time in this space, miracles come.

When you find this space often, I call it alignment…you must feel it.

Then when you feel it, you can then witness it…

and the more you can play in that space, at work (yes, at work!), at home, and everywhere you go.

You then become your own truth and you become your own soulful person.

This place is your miracle making, beautiful soul place where you can (finally) be seen,

show up and do your best work on this planet!

One of my best times was when a childhood dream of having a radio show, became real.

As a young girl, my siblings and I organized radio scripts, recorded it on my parent’s stereo and enjoyed being creators and hearing our voices.

It was a blast!

40 years later, I was on the Hay House Radio doing a radio show called,

You Control the View.

You DO control the view— each and every day.

Here are the clips of the show for your listening pleasure.

Click Here to get Inspired. This is my miracle making radio show.

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