The Best Way to Reduce Conflict & Tension Right Now!

Conflict and tension are part of self-doubt and self-protection. I heard all the time as an executive, “we tried that already, it will never work.”

“Well, have ‘we’ tried it this way?” I would say back. The push back, the fear, the frustration would come out and more effort and agony for a project that could have been so smooth. How do we do it better? Differently?

Pushing through these very human limited thinking habits in ourselves and in others requires getting primitive. Erasing doubt and operating with full confidence requires imagination and returning to our most primitive self- the self of LOVE.

Fear is the root of anger, tension, conflict…it is the root of all negative feelings. When we are invaded, diminished, controlled by others, stifled or habitually acting like someone we thought we needed to be. We are operating out of fear.

It is fear that begins the stress response

The stress response tightens our vision, raises our blood pressure, increases our stomach acid and drives our adrenaline levels up. We feel “keyed up” and our body is ready for FIGHT, FLIGHT or FREEZE. None of these reactions helps us in our job or in life. But, each day the adrenaline response is triggered, by our response of fear.

You cannot feel love and fear at the same time, so let’s choose love! Yes, let’s choose love in the workplace. Literally. Let’s love more.

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Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. (2)

Here is the best technique to bring love to work, reduce tension and have meetings and interactions go much better:

  1. Close your eyes, sit still and breathe comfortably.
  2. In your mind’s eye, imagine the person, situation or project.
  3. Imagine in detail, everything going well, imagine it all working out to your best outcome. Go ahead, imagine it going well. Imagine all the faces you know with smiles, imagine them nodding in agreement, imagine them excited.
  4. Now, feel your happiness, feel your excitement and be in the scene of the wonderful outcome.
  5. You are seeing happy faces of your colleagues, team, boss, clients, everyone involved, AND YOU ARE FEELING GREAT!
  6. Imagine a white light coming into the room, fill the room with white, bright, light, and imagine that light on everyone’s face. Brighten them up, really bright, everyone’s face, the entire scene.
  7. Stay with it, watch the scene, add details, what are you wearing, what are you touching, is your notebook full of notes? Is your cup of water half full? Do you have your favorite piece of jewelry on?
  8. Imagine everyone leaving the room happy, excited, thankful for your contribution. Bring the light back into your heart, and gradually come back to the present moment.

Enjoy the feeling for as long as you can. Then proceed to your workplace, your meeting, your encounter with the feelings and the white light. The more you do this, the better your life and work!

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“I can’t believe the outcome of that meeting, Mo, after I used your technique, everything went so smoothly. Ordinarily, that situation would have caused tension, bad feelings and we all would have lost. This time, everything went well and the outcome was better than ever!”  ~J.A., Marketing

“She has been the only person I don’t get along with at work. After using this technique I was able to see her differently and we were able to collaborate on the project we shared. I dreaded it, but after using this, I started being different and then she started being different.”  ~D.W. Healthcare

Blessings for a great week,


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