Biology and Your Career – Unraveling Truth



Hey you….

Yes, you— the body of feelings and memorized thoughts.

Your body and your mind have become one.

Over time you have memorized how it feels to be you.

So, what happens each day?

You repeat all the thoughts and feelings you have had over the last (several) decades.

You are the same person day in and day out.

Yup- you shower, you brush, you eat, you exercise, but all the while you keep thinking and feeling the same!

You continue to reinforce the same YOU!

That is all great if you have the life you desire.

That’s ok if you are in the flow of life and have become and ever changing, evolving soul.

Most of the women I see at first are stuck, depleted, lost and wanting more.

When we want more we trigger feelings of doubt and lack.

Desiring more and wanting more feel different in the body.

You see, we spend all our lives feeling our feelings or pushing them down, either way we become a reactionary being. When we are reactionary, we become triggered into feelings we know. We keep being the same person and expecting different results.

These familiar feelings become our entire personality.

These are the most common beliefs that are memorized:

“I’m just someone who needs to think about things.”

“I’m just not patient.”

“I’m just not one to toot my own horn.”

“I just don’t speak up in meetings, it’s useless.”

“I only know how to work hard and if it pans out, fine, if not…I guess it wasn’t meant to be.”

WAIT!!!! I scream!!!

What? Are you settling for that?

Stop being the same person with the same body feeling the same way because of how you feel and think.

Change like Heather did. She decided she needed to break from her secure and small(ish) job into a new frontier…it wasn’t the first move that she hit her stride, it was her second one…..she began to see herself as capable of happiness and worthy of more. She stood in her power and landed her dream job back at her old employer.

What changed??? SHE DID!
Heather is now fully in her flow and off to a conference that she only dreamt of last year. Once you are in the flow of your awesome soul, the Universe conspires to help you….she is combining a work trip with her dream seminar!

Bravo Heather!  Watch her explain her change here.

Change like Judith, who never fit in at work because she has many interests and no one understood her insights until she changed- herself.

Watch here as she describes what happened when she walked out!

Change like Yulia who was unhappy each and every day. That’s what life is, isn’t it? She changed her feelings and habit of HER personality and then she was seen differently at work and received a promotion and was able to navigate a higher vibrating version of herself.

Listen in as she explains her path to happy each day.

Change like Debbie who saw herself as someone who would never find her way again. She was in the habit of the “cards not falling her way”. She began to see herself in all her future self grandness and then stopped paying attention to all the outside voices, eyes and (made up) perceptions.

See Debbie here.

These women and hundreds more all learned how to increase the vibration of the most important power we have….OUR SOUL.

The problem is, most people are living life on their memorized feelings of who they are and what life is about. Our feelings are just habits created that keep us stuck in who we are.


CHANGE—- for your life depends on it!

CHANGE—– for your future and your family and your health depend on it!

CHANGE—- who you are so you can have the life and career you want.

You are worth it and it is possible.

You will have to CHANGE to have more in life!!

You are worth it!

“Mo, I am a new woman capable of anything.”

I hear this and my eyes tear up….another soul brought back to life.

Don’t let your feelings and memorized habits keep you a prisoner!


Most of us need help to cross the river of change.

I hired my first coach 18 years ago.

I have spent thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars on my coaches.

All of it worth more than I spent.

You are worth changing!

Let’s do this now for you!

It starts with a Free Career Clarity Call.

Get your time in now, before one more week of the same habits and memorized feelings keep you stuck.

Not one more week like that!
See you soon!

You beautiful SOUL!

Let’s help you grab the life and career you are worth!

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