Your Blind Spots Are Costing You Over $500,000 Dollars


What are your blind spots costing you?

Blind spots, by their very definition, are hard to see. Usually we don’t know what our blind spots are until someone points them out to us.

Blind spots often have to do with how you’re viewing or seeing reality. The way you see reality directly impacts how you react to life.

So how does that cost you money?

If you react to your boss, co-workers, or life circumstances through the cloudy lens of a blind spot, you usually get ignored, imposed upon, laid off or passed up for promotion. You miss out on raises and consistently receive less than you’re worth.

One of the first things we do in my 12-week Kickass Career workshop is illuminate blind spots. And because they’re so hard to see, our expert coaches work one-on-one with our clients to help them move quickly past these stumbling blocks.

Watch this video to learn more about recognizing blind spots, what they are costing you, and how to overcome them.

I’m looking for women with the courage to look under the hood at their own blind spots, so they can up-level their careers with expert one-on-one guidance. If you are brave enough to look inward, we want to hear from you: Book a Complimentary 1-hour Career Clarity Call with Team Mo today.

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