3 Steps to Ask for Anything and Have Fun Doing It

ASK? the very thought is stressful. I always took it personally.  Every time I asked for anything.

You know what that does? It puts the stakes very high. When there is a greater risk we will avoid doing things. As a human, you are wired that way (Sure there are a few daredevils out there.). But, as kind and naturally loving humans, we don’t want to fail, we don’t want to hurt and we don’t want to appear stupid, foolish or arrogant.

When you ask for something and you have your whole self, reputation and inner sense of self-riding on the line, the asks don’t come. The emotions stop the brain and we FREEZE.

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Mastering Your Thought Habits

What if your energy force felt good all the time? What if you suspended your current worry and fear and let the good come in?

How would that feel?

What if a trusted friend said, “don’t worry, the Universe has your back”? Well, I want to tell you that is does, you just have to allow it to happen. “How can I do this” this you may ask.  I see thought habits changing people’s lives every single day! You can feel different, you can control what you think about, you can change your entire life, just by changing the way you think.

People have been amazed when I tell them this! “OMG, MO, it really works!”

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Do You Need to Bring Your Soul to Work?

You’re working hard, and I know you feel like you can’t go anymore. Sometimes you think “they” will notice how great and dedicated you are. “They” should, you have put in the long hours and go the extra mile but you still feel invisible! You can look around and see that you are the best, you may even think, “man, what would they do without me?”.

I’ve been there, I remember feeling so confused and even betrayed. That’s why i’m now a career coach because I finally figured it out and been helping hundreds of folks reclaim themselves and their careers.

By bringing your soul to work, you can change these patterns and learn how to see a different way.

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3 Steps To Stop Self-Sabotaging Your Career

As many of you know, I write for the amazing blog Heal Your Life, I wanted to share one of the posts wrote over there! Focus on these 3 steps for immediate results.

We all want to stop the inner self from sabotaging our next steps in our career. Confidence is essential and the number one “make it” or “break it” ingredient. Without it, we stay stuck, miserable and feel worse, which keeps us stuck. Over and over, we feel bad, we get frustrated and we stay stuck. Where is the confidence?

From my years as an executive, I have seen four warning signs that it is time to get unstuck.

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How FOMO May Be Damaging Your Life.

I was recently asked to talk about the global phenomenon of FOMO. Thank you, Brenda for your question!

Haven’t heard of FOMO?

Well… you are really missing out!

FOMO, or Fear Of Missing Out, is a short, cute way of excusing one’s behavior or otherwise unacceptable attitude….because, well…one if FEARFUL of missing something important.

As a young girl I wanted to get home to see if there was a letter in the mail, the older I got mail and newspapers held a promise of an unexpected surprise, a possibility, a lucky blessing.

Well, this FOMO is taken to a new level with social media and the 24-hour news cycle! It has created a crazed frenzy of us wanting to know details,

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I Tuned Into my Chakras for Success (and How You Can Use This for Your Career)

Chakra? What kind of a word is that? Meditate? Yeah I have tried it.

Last summer I had it all figured out and was meditating each morning.  I had just taken a “how to course” and I was practicing mindfulness each day.  The 12 week class made me a meditation specialist.  I knew all the science behind meditation. Only thing…it wasn’t “working”. I wasn’t feeling better. Many mornings I was just going through the motions and hoping the magic would HAPPEN to me.

Come on…

Where was that inner peace? My racing mind would not let up. Why wasn’t meditation working for me? In a busy work life we can all use some peace!

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To Know Yourself Is To Love Yourself

People tell me all the time that they don’t feel good enough inside to do what they want to do. This comes from a number of reasons including confidence, inner critics, anxiety and more. When you love yourself, amazing things happen. You get the things you want (including jobs, relationships, money). Read my post on vision boards which can help with this.

The only way to love yourself is to get to know yourself! If you love yourself, you will begin to do things that fulfill your happiness, your confidence, and even your willingness. It will help you succeed.

We spend a lot of our lives discovering ourselves. We are people…we change. We have to keep discovering because it’s only through this we can become empowered and know how we can change ourselves to become our best.

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8 TED Talks From Life Inspiring Women

TED talks (which stands for technology, entertainment and design) are an inspiring way to learn new things from the greatest mind in the world. They can teach you about things you never even know you needed. Here are 8 TED Talks from life inspiring women that you can apply to your career:

1.Kelly McGonigal: How to Make Stress Your Friend

Stress, at this point we all know, is not good for our long-term health. In time you may feel like your whole world can come crashing down, but it’s now made its way to become a health enemy… or has it? Psychologist Kelly McGonigal explains how research suggests that stress may only be bad for you if you believe that to be the case and urges us to see it as a positive.

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5 Ways To Boost Your Confidence And Land Your Dream Job

If you don’t know, I write for Heal Your Life, a truly wonderful website part of Hay House. Today I want to share one of my favorite posts I wrote for them that I think can help a lot of people, enjoy!

Successful people often seem to exude confidence. They make others wonder, “how did they become that way?” The good news is that you don’t have to be born with confidence; luckily it is a learnable skill. Confidence begins with changing your mindset. However, that is not the end, it is the beginning. Your inner world begins to shift when that mindset begins to alter your “default” thinking. In other words, when confidence is imprinted on your soul.

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Create a Vision Board To Boost Your Life & Career

Vision boards are a powerful and empowering tool. Filled with your career goals, it acts as a way to image your perfect future. It’s full of everything that makes you happy, things you want to do in your career, and jobs you want to have. The human mind responds more to visual content, it is easier for us to remember images than text. In fact, these images stay with you longer!

20 years ago, frustrated with having moved to North Carolina and things not working out for me…in any way, I went into the non-physical workshop to build and create my future! I wrote lots of “far-fetched” ideas about being a motivational speaker and moving into a home in Florida,

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