Jeannine’s Story: How to Set Boundaries and Guarantee Success

Jeannine and I “met” on my Hay House Radio show.

She called in, young mother, budding executive and a passion project on the side.

Oh and the lawyer husband and family dynamics…..LIFE!

She was proving her worth by taking on projects at work and moving her career along, but the pace and losing track of her priorities had her “spinning plates” too fast.

Her story is every working mothers’ story.

She was taking on more to prove her worth and move up. It was stifling her, stressing her out and was pushing her to make a big career mistake.

“I’ll just work part-time and then I can do it all,

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Kim’s Story: Why Putting Yourself First is NOT Selfish

“Everyone else comes first.” How is that feeling at the end of the day? I hear it all the time. Women who are trained and raised so well to take care of everyone else. It is a deep value that conflicts with a person’s health. Putting everyone else first doesn’t work. It doesn’t get us the love and appreciation we need as humans. Putting everyone else first is one of the biggest energy drains I see in the hundreds of women I work with. It creates chronic tiredness, crankiness, lack of sleep, health conditions, and such end of day depletion you’d think you had just run a marathon each and every day. The wear and tear is immense.

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Yuliya’s Story: From Unhappy to Happy All the Time

It is in the moments when we choose something different, something courageous, something from our inner being, our life goes up or down.

Yuliya was suffering in her Computer Science career. Living and working in Prague, she thought she would rather write for a living.  A blog that she wasn’t inspired to write….a career where she felt small and unsuccessful, she needed answers. She was shrinking and felt horrible each and every day. Her inner being wouldn’t let her go….she found a way to get the help she needed. Her story is inspiring to all of us who felt desperate to get out.

Listen to this woman who overcame all the obstacles that one can face;

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Laurie’s Story: “My Strengths Were Hidden”, How to Find Them

Laurie’s story is the one of so many women I speak to. Each week I speak to women who have a career disruption and off they go….doubt and worry and gremlins begin to take up residence. The tapes play all day long….

“I’m not as good as I thought.”

“I’m not able to interview.”

“Will my career and earnings ever come back?”

So many disrupted careers due to job loss, job trauma, spouse relocation and other disruptions….sometimes leaving an emotionally distressing job without a plan can cause many limiting beliefs.

We are what we think, we think the same thoughts over and over and soon they become full of feelings and literally control our reality.

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She’s Her Real Self Now- Here’s How!

Welcome to the insider’s instructional manual on how to find your true, real, powerful, soulful SELF!

How did she do it?

We talk about the exact steps Marissa took.

How did she get past and through her fear?

We talk about the exact steps she took.

Marissa had some beliefs and inner programming that were causing her career (and life) to stall out. She knew there was more inside her (she heard the whispers), but she didn’t know HOW to believe in herself.

Marissa had to shut the voice of her inner being…shut it because it conflicted with her “reality”.

She had to use everything she had to push that inner BEING down,

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Amy’s Story: How to Pick Yourself Back Up After a Job Loss

Job Loss Can Stop you in your tracks!

The loss and emotions associated with it hit you as hard as the bank account is hit. Recovery from this level of “trauma” can really derail you and your family.

Listen in as Amy talks about her recovery.

It wasn’t going well in her first job back from job loss, one third the pay was not covering it!

The work environment was also brutal. Learn how she came back stronger than ever!

Take notes and when you are ready to pick yourself up Book your FREE CAREER CLARITY CALL.

The team is ready to help you understand what is stopping you.

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What’s Up with Getting Bullied at Work?

We’ve seen it all lately!

Or have we?

I’ve been there and I’m a #MeToo participant.

Why are we seeing another abuse of power?

Why are we seeing another opportunity for people to step forward and say, “NO MORE!”

I was raised Catholic and when the Catholic priest sexual abuse was uncovered….so long it took to finally be exposed, I was mortified, but also knew how common it was for that sort of power abuse.

I’ve seen bosses ignore problems, belittle people, yell in such a way as if it was out of a horror movie.

So surprised and shocked each time.

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Why You Wait and What to DO About it.

The idea of a better life seems impossible to many. So when someone says, “I have the answers,” it seems so far away. Life being joyous and free seems to be fantasy when we are trapped with what we know to be “true”. Ideas of life being difficult…Life being a struggle….Life being a lot of work permeate many of our ideas of what life IS. Migraines. Therapists. Gossip. Blaming. Anger. Victimhood. All seem so normal and they simmer like a pot ready to boil over. Bitching and moaning about life seem normal and accepted. Jobs that underpay, bosses that bully (more on that next week) and co-workers who undermine us. Toxic work environments seem like something that is normal and expected….just look at the news!

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Heal Your Career, Heal Your Life

Heal Your Career, Heal Your Life

This is what I know.

When you find your awesome self, you cure your career and your life.

One recent client, unemployed for several months, 3 kids….she had skills, desire, but her vibration was all victim. She was deeply feeling unworthy and broken. She NEEDED a job!

One client was laid off from her previous job and took a job that was lower level, lower pay and the boss wasn’t able to see her skills. She needed to move on.

She started working with me to find a new job worthy of her experience and education.

My approach is to look inside.

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