Listening to the OUTER voices adds – Meaning


It’s “M” week for Meaning

This week I explore the “M” in MOST and in many ways it is the entire philosophy of MOST LIFE, Meaning. We get meaning from life by following our heart and listening to our inner voice. It matters what is going on inside, there is great intelligence in our inner voice. But, what about what others are saying to us? What do we do with the messages that come from the outside? They aren’t always easy or fun, sometimes they are downright profound and helpful, maybe a bit painful.

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Are you Ready for YOGA!?

The day we have all been waiting for is HERE! The release of the final yoga video!

Today in our weekly Ahead Of The Curve series, going along with our theme of the week “E” for Exercise. We feature a yoga instructor who is inspiring & changing our world in a peaceful and healthy way, Pamela Leal.

There are 2 videos to watch below (Stretches and Twist, Strength and Balance). These videos are short & sweet 🙂 They will explain some basic poses and breathing methods. What could be better then attending a yoga class then attending one in the privacy of your own home.

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Are you YOGA ready?


It’s “E” week for Exercise

This week we explore the wonderful world of yoga. There have been many spin-offs of this ancient practice. We will explore the traditional yoga and poses.

I started yoga in a small room in my house at 5 am in front of my TV for years watching a DVD before I went out for my morning run. I knew it was “good for me”. As a runner it felt good to stretch and open up like the DVD showed. I wasn’t sure the moves were correct but I was stretching. Soon enough I decided to go to a yoga studio to get better instruction and have a better handle on this strange exercise.

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The Unguarded Heart Revealed

This week is “F” for Freedom. I recently interviewed two fantastic people who are exploring the freedom of their hearts.

Please visit their open hearted, honest writings at

Nicole Xiques and Brian Carter open up and share what do men want? What do women want? For themselves and each other. I really enjoyed talking with them on “Ahead of the Curve” Mo Chats!

Nicole and Brian reveal some of their relationship secrets and how they have opened their hearts to greater freedom.

Thanks for visiting MOST LIFE! I know all of us here will be inspired by your openness.

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What are you doing with ALL your free time?


This week is it “F” for Freedom

As we close out summer we reflect on free time and how we use it. According to a new study released by the U.S. Department of Labor, Americans have more free time and less work time in 2013 than we did in 2003. Really? I was working more then? I have more free time NOW?

According to the study, we have 10 minutes more of sleep, 10 minutes more of TV watching or leisurely activities, 13 minutes less of work-related activity and 3 minutes less of exercise time or physical activities. This is astounding to me,

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Who is Smarter than You?


This week it is “I” for Intelligence

Intelligence is tricky, we think of ourselves as smart, we also want to be smarter but do we know if we are smart enough? We avoid things that will make us feel less smart therefore we gravitate to activities that make us feel smart, confident and accomplished. It is natural to not want the pains of learning something new & getting frustrated but learning to me is like exercise, we do it because we know it is good for us. It hurts doing it but in the end we are better off.

As far as intelligence goes,

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Shirley Plant Cookbook Author Interview

Shirley Plant is the author of “Finally, Food I Can Eat” & she is a nutritional counselor at Shirley’s story is riveting on how she found her way from a life of pain and anguish to one of empowering those with allergies to eat well. This is one story I can relate to, Shirley and I share our mutual insights on this Ahead of the Curve interview.

Thursday Thoughts “The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up.” Mark Twain – America’s favorite summer author.

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MOST CherryAide | Berry Garden Sipper | Pink & Blue Refresher

Tuesday Tune Up | Mocktail Week

This week we are making summer mocktails with delicious berries. Summer berries are not only tasty treats but they are a wonderful way to bring flavor to your cocktail or mocktail 🙂 These are family friendly & fun to make. Enjoy while summer is still here!

MOST Cherry Aide

Tools needed

  • Cocktail Shaker
  • Cocktail strainer
  • Citrus handheld juicer
  • Cocktail muddler
  • Ice for shaker
  • Festive glass and decorative straw to serve drink


  • 6 Cherries in cocktail shaker, then muddle in the cocktail shaker
  • 5-6 mint sprigs –

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Summer LIVING with Fruity Mocktails

MOST Monday

It’s “L” week | LIVING

Summer LIVING should be easy & fun 🙂 These refreshing drinks will definitely inspire you to get started, or they will add to your festivities!

Here we are in the garden of plenty with fruits, citrus and herbs all ready to pluck for our tasty summer delights. Summer is for enjoying life, enjoying family & having grand gatherings of friends and family.

Notch it up a bit & present your guests with wonderful fruit cocktails or “mocktails” (drinks without alcohol). This week as we are featuring the “L” in MOST LIFE 

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Elephants Have It & So Do We !

This week it is “T” for Togetherness

Elephants have it and so do we; the desire to connect! Do you have a Shirley and Jenny reunion coming up? I have been looking for a way to get my favorite elephants in my newsletter.

TOGETHERNESS is the theme this week. We are on the “T” in MOST LIFE.

Elephants have a very social culture, they like to be in family packs of sometimes greater than 100 in their herd. Their size captivates me as I watch (thank you, YouTube) elephants connect with each other and other animals. They are gentle, caring and crave connection.

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