How Bragging and Gratitude Combine For Success

It’s Always a Good Time for Gratitude, but bragging?

Recently, I forgot a crucial element in my life.

I forgot my center and it hurt.

You know, the external parts of life get to be too much.

Ouch the walls came tumbling down. Overwhelm took over as I soldiered on. 

Warrior Mo…she came back to help me through the tough times. When times get tough, so do I.

And now I see a part of me I thought I left behind in my past. The hard-charging executive who knew how to ask and demand and create results, well….. She showed back up and it wasn’t welcome.

My life was tough and I forgot to stay with my number one alignment, my daily success ritual. I have been off my daily routine for the past 2 weeks- the one that brings me to my highest self, no matter what happens on the outside.

I’ve been sandwiching it in, missing the time and haven’t been forcing myself to get in enough time for the best daily success habit:

Gratitude and Bragging.

These don’t sound like they go together, do they? Most of us know that appreciation,  gratitude and being grateful is the best road to receiving.

What many don’t know is that bragging in our journal along with our gratitude is the perfect success and alignment strategy. 

Ok, Mo, I get the gratitude, but bragging?

What we typically call bragging is indeed acknowledging our own wonderfulness.  When we look at the great things about our talents and how we show up in our life and career, we can tap into that energy of our highest self!

You know, that you that you love to see.

Tap into that awesome organizer. Repeat your wonderful presentation. Acknowledge yourself for showing up ready to be top-notch each day. Replay how you care about your co-workers.

Get your energy wrapped around your great big soul and how you show up.

Here’s the best morning ritual ever!

  1. GRATITUDE: Write 10 things you are grateful for, yup, 10. Reread them and let them really sink in, wrap your mind and heart around these thoughts. Then, put your hand over your heart and really feel the energy and resonance of these 10 beautiful blessings.
  2. BRAGGING: Write 10 ways you showed up awesome. Reread them and let them really sink in. Know your awesomeness, feel it. Then, put your hand on your heart and really feel your awesomeness.
  3. REPEAT EACH DAY!  Do this each morning. Spend 5 minutes or so with your morning beverage, you have 5 minutes to make your day better!

I call it my 10-10-10.

Don’t worry if your lists repeat. It’s fine. Do the exercise each day and FEEL yourself into these great vibrations. Your life will improve immediately. When you life gets sideways, which it inevitably will, go back to your lists and place that wonderful hand over your heart and look at the list.

Alignment requires daily tuning. Tune into you each day and your days will be more and more beautiful.

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