Breanna’s Story: How I Got off the Struggle Bus

Playing small was never Breanna’s way.

But, somehow she found herself not happy, on the struggle bus and life was not what she wanted. Brea wanted to be happy inside and claim her life for herself.


She didn’t want to scream at her kids and husband. She wanted more clients in her business and ones who are fun to work with.

As Brea found her inner awesome, began to get used to feeling great and found her inner GPS, she moved in the direction of her dreams. Not only did her business begin to grow, she felt happier about it and no longer saw it as competing with her family.

Weeks of working together her business grew faster than she imagined. The energy and enthusiasm she was radiating in her inner and outer world also affected her family.

Her husband landed his dream job and off they went to live the life they both imagined.

Today Brea enjoys her pick of clients, her kids, and her husband. She gets to chose to be happy. She is the master of her fate. Brea is a living example of what life can be when you bring your soul to work.

She is an awesome example of kick-ass, getting off the struggle bus and owning her future. She is certain her young family will enjoy their life as two kick-ass parents raise kids while living their dreams.

Yes, it is possible!

Thanks for sharing your story,  Brea!

You can check out Breanna’s business serving online entrepreneurs!