Bring Your Soul to Work

Bring Your Soul to Work

Inside all of us is a voice and an energy.  A yearning.

It says, “More, please…” 

More love…  More joy…  More self aware…  More success…  More freedom…  More, Please…

We have a habit, though. Our habit is to shut it down. We have a habit of feeling not worthy. We have a habit of being told not to ask for things. Impolite. Improper. Selfish. Don’t! Make sure others have first. So we shut down, because it is easier. We are tired of giving to everyone. We are tired at the end of the day, for goodness sake, we are tired at the beginning of the day!

The inner yearning is our soul wanting to be seen. How can we bring this soul to work? How can we bring the inner self and feel on purpose? Many of us were taught that this yearning is the ego, but it is not. This inner yearning is our greatness, our magnificence wanting to play and be seen. Our soul wants to show itself. Our soul is the expression of our unique US! Our soul shouts and sits and waits.

Our soul says. “hey, you, remember the promise we had to be seen and grow and be all we can be? Remember?”

But…many of us have been shut down, stifled and diminished. We have been taught that it is not polite to be smart, fun and in charge. So many of the lovely souls I speak to each week in my clarity calls are looking for just that, to be seen for their awesome self! But how? The path is dusty, uncharted, unclear. The inner guide has gone to sleep. We must wake her (him) up and say hello again!

I kept my awesome soul-self at home when I left for work each day. As a matter of fact, each night when I closed my book, I left my soul on my nightside table. Over the years the books got better, my elevation felt more real. Then, off to work. I got angry, frustrated and upset that all these books promised happiness and inner peace–if only! I went to conferences, studied…and to no avail. The soul I knew and began to feel was not welcome at work, was not welcome at all.

Until I figured out the secret. Yup, the real truth to bringing my soul to work.
Here are the steps to bringing that magnificent you to work.

  1. Read each day a book that feeds you. A book that elevates you and brings you closer to your inner guidance system. Maybe it is the Bible, or a spiritual lesson book. I have had so many over the years.
  2. Focus on an aspect of your personality, your inner self that fuels your insides. Put your focus on the inner you. What makes you happy? Do more of that.  For those of you who want to explore and find out what it is, I have condensed my Personal Mission Statement workbook into a 30 minute reflection. You can download it here. 

What are your natural gifts? What fuels you? Find that awesomeness and bring it out.

3. Shine a light on you. YES! Shine the spotlight on your brilliance. How? Speak up, volunteer to lead a project at work, get involved and dare to show how wonderful you are. Show up ready to be YOU!

4. Journal everyday. Go for it. Journal everyday and get your alignment and inner and outer selves together. Everyday. Everyday. Journal and get to know you. Write gratitude and expectations. Write about anything. Write about everything.

Bring your soul to work. Bring your soul to everyplace you go to. Bring your soul with you. Let it show up. You can feel it, right?

We all have it! We all are awesome and gifted and brilliant. Now is the time to find it and come alive! If you are ready to reach for your greatness now, come watch my FREE Training.


These shifts will help you to get unstuck. Because not bringing your soul to work means you are stuck. Get unstuck and soar! Soar and show your soul! Bring it! Bring it! Bring it!
Wherever you go, bring your soul to work!
I want you all to find your soul, bring it to work and succeed in a new way, at a new level.