Episode 107

Soulful Talk & Poems with Special Guest, Kayla Floyd
I’m talking about global stress and all the major happenings in our world with a great friend and spiritual healer, Kayla Floyd. Author of Wondrous You, Empowering Poems for Magical Kids.

Episode 106

What Your Stress is Telling You Right Now
I want to share the amazing opportunity we all have to awaken and come alive right now. This is an election year and a pandemic year — AND an Awakening Year.

Episode 105

A Global Career Transformation: Client Interview with Kris
Have you ever been in a job that was SO stressful, you felt desperate to quit? This happened to my client, Kris. Major disagreements with her boss, a total lack of support, and high-stress travel were beginning to impact her health.

Episode 104

When Life Jolts You Awake (My Breast Cancer Journey)
Every year at this time I feel called to share my story in the hopes that it helps other women. Learn how to use tough times as an instrument for awakening and emerging bigger, stronger, and more in alignment with your soul.

Episode 103

Black Women’s Careers Matter
I kick off my Black Women’s Careers Matter series with my client Debbie. She shared the challenges, barriers, and frustrations she has encountered as a professional Black woman in her career.

Episode 102

How to Make More Money At Work
I know your time, expertise and experience is worth WAY MORE than you’re getting paid. Tune in to learn EXACTLY where to look for the money you’re leaving on the table — and how to make sure you get it.

Episode 101

5 Ways to Tell if You Don’t Have Soul Esteem
What the heck is soul esteem? Is it anything like self-esteem? And why should you care? I share the surefire way to tell whether you have soul esteem — and how to develop it quickly if you don’t have it yet.

Episode 100

How to Break Free From the Labor Myth
So many women buy into it — the myth that work is supposed to be hard. They think they should be grateful for what little they’ve got. Let’s commit and break free from The Labor Myth.

Episode 99

Navigating the Pandemic Through Fairy Tales: The 3 Little Pigs
The stories that were read to us when we were little are alive and well in our subconscious minds. What happens when the big bad wolf huffs and puffs? Listen and learn how your career can withstand the pressure.

Episode 98

Are Women Too Emotional in the Workplace?
Have you ever been accused of being “too emotional?” I have. Look, it’s obvious: women are wired differently than men and are wired to crave connection.