Can you use Organizations to grow? Can you grow Organizations?

Here at MOST LIFE we cover one of our eight themes each week. This week we cover “O” for Organization


This week we use Organization as a noun, not a verb. Whether you are in the workforce or not we all live in Organizations. The first Organization we all grew up in was our family. Then we were off to school to succeed in that Organization. If we were lucky enough the next step was/is an Organization called work or, perhaps you started your own family. Either way these Organizations thrive by a few key elements in common that you participate in.

The following elements are key for each of us in ANY Organization:

  1. Responsibility for our actions
  2. Filling our given role to the best of our ability
  3. Commitment to making the Organization better
  4. Contribution through our effort and spirit
  5. Projecting the best representation of that Organization to others

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1. Responsibility for our actions

When we belong to an Organization it is up to us individually to be responsible for our actions, behavior and attitude within that Organization. From time to time we may falter, but, it is always up to us to take full responsibility when that occurs. Organizations functions best when each individual takes responsibility seriously.

 2. Filling our given role to the best of our ability

It is important for us to know exactly where we fit in to each Organization in which we belong and how our role fits with others. As a parent in a family this is rather clear to all members. However, in complex team based Organizations in the current workforce, roles may be fuzzy and overlap. Therefore communication is an essential tool in filling your given role.

   3. Commitment to making the Organization better

Each person in each role must show up with full intention to bring their best so the Organization can be it’s best. When one person doesn’t commit to their best self the Organization suffers. We are all called to be our best selves all the time, each day we must answer the call.

   4. Contribution through our effort and spirit

One of the five key aspects in my E-book “Are You Living It?” I discuss the essential value of giving more than you can. In the work environment volunteering for difficult projects and/or assisting a co-worker with an open heart and pure intentions, is one of the best contributions you can make. Sometimes giving to others in our Organization is the last thing we “feel” like doing. That is precisely the time we must take action to give/contribute.

     5. Projecting the best representation of the Organization(s) to others

It is up to us as members of whatever Organization we are part of to shed positive light on that Organization to others. We may feel like complaining or downgrading the Organization or other members, this is the sure way to take you off your path and create negative energy. Our chief goal in life is to share positive energy to all and that specifically includes those with whom we associate.

Download the IDEASheet to reflect on your contributions to the Organizations you are a part of. Take the time to look at the 5 elements above and take action if you are falling behind in any of these areas.

This week in our “Ahead of the Curve” series, in my interview with Anne McGeorge of Grant Thornton she discusses additional ways we can all be successful in the Organizations in which we live and work.

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