Your Career Matters Step #2 Create a Destination Worthy of You

Your Career Matters to Every Part of Your Life. So, Create a Destination Worthy of You.

She was shot down for a promotion.

“That’s ok,” she told herself….”I didn’t want to work that hard or play those ridiculous office politics, anyway!”

Just under the surface, she was crushed.

Deep down, under her rationalizing brain, her mind began to spin.

Thoughts and feelings of all the times she was ignored, overlooked,

even mocked for being her.

All those feelings came streaming out.

Not to worry, she knew exactly how to suppress them.

Wine with friends, they will understand and so, a night out bitching together, felt good.

Or did it?

She wondered if she’d ever have the career or life she wanted.

Is there ever a place where they will see my hard work, my loyalty, and contribution?

Sadly, this episode further programmed her subconscious mind to believe that going for a promotion feels bad; it prompted her not to look again, therefore diminishing her potential (forever, maybe) and then seeing this result again and again.

See, it didn’t take too long for her to convince herself that everyone who got a promotion at her company was somehow self-promotional. The evidence was there, and she further gained certainty that success was not for her, so playing small became the way to survive.

She’s not like those ego driven people.

She remembers being told by her parents that people who get ahead only do so at the peril of others.

“Bosses only want to use you to get what they want.”

She remembers hearing from her hard working Mom.

“I’m too nice to ever be at that level,” she settled into her lot in life.

Now her story rang true.

She was living the same stuck, small life she felt was in her destiny,

even though it hurt her soul and spirit!

The problem is…her company could really use her unique talents at a higher level. She has gifts and a special way of seeing things, that no one else does. And she cares about her team.  She knew there had to be more….the soul urges us to find it!


She has a storybook ending….

She found my information on Facebook, she viewed my webinar,

we got to work and now she is rocking it in a job that fits her and she is loving her career and life!

You see, each day I talk to women like her. Convinced they aren’t cut out for more, because the experiences and messages and short-term set-backs appear to be all there is.

If you thought winter lasted forever, wouldn’t you feel awful?

But, you know spring is coming. You are optimistic for the flower buds and warmer breezes.

You know.

When spring is coming you are on a higher emotional plane (optimism) than when you are feeling helpless and bleak.

My clients know how to get in that frame of mind and feeling state.

Get started with my FREE Training…Step #2 is How to Set a Destination Worthy of You.

Jumping up on the emotional guidance scale is necessary. Dragons will come along. Slaying them with ease rather than getting devoured is how we gain success.

It is how we learn to grow.

When we overcome setbacks and learn, we take the lesson and expand.

When we use the challenges as opportunities to grow, we grow.

When we grow we know there is more for us.

As human beings our natural state is to grow and connect with others. We have to be in a receptive state to do that. When we are feeling unworthy, we close ourselves off to new possibilities.

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I do hope the gremlins are no longer winning.

If you are one of my Kick Ass Clients, share this message to help others have the life their soul wants to live!

You deserve to have your dream job.

You deserve to have the life and career you want.

You deserve to feel good about yourself and your life!

Let’s make it happen.

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See you soon!

Your Coach Mo