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Milijana’s Story: The Invisibility of Playing Small

Milijana's Story : Stop playing small in your career

Being bombed out as a little girl, refugee to Germany and the life of being unwanted was all she knew. Teenage years battling an eating disorder hurt her deeply, she barely survived that.

Some days being angry and hateful was the only defense.

Until she found her strength in the gym.

Years ago, being strong meant lifting the most weight. Milijana was a true super-hero in the gym. Medals, awards and being recognized as the strongest women in Croatia were proud moments. She thought it would take away the years of trauma. Trauma was weighing on her in many ways, eating disorder, suicidal thoughts and deep rage.

She found her safety in the gym,

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It’s Happening: Programming Your Thoughts for Success

YOUR Thoughts Are Not Who You Are…

Every day you think thoughts, and science tells us over 70% of these thoughts are the same ones day in and day out. These repetitive thoughts create a belief system that controls our decisions.

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is the science of success.

When we think and feel in repetitive ways it becomes our “reality.” Eventually it feels like our thoughts are who we are.

We are wiring our brain every minute with the wiring and “firing” of neurons, especially when emotions are high. This “programming” makes it feel permanent and convinces us that we are how we think and the world is how we feel.

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5 shifts to your KickAss Career: Shift #5 Invest in Mentoring

SHIFT #5 Invest in Mentoring

“Why won’t anyone listen to me?”

I’ve had times in my career where I knew the answer, had the strategy, but was way off with the organization. I banged my head on the table (not really) until I was in pain (really).

How do you know how to navigate the next level up? The next level over? Or, how to make sense of the empty, hollow feeling inside, even when you are a success, but it just isn’t all that it was cracked up to be?

I hired my first coach 16 years ago. I recently came across the receipt. (Yes, I save way too much.) She helped me see that being right isn’t the goal.

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5 shifts to your KickAss Career: Shift #4 Leverage Your Time

Shift # 4 Leveraging Your Time

Did it all start in Alice in Wonderland? “You’re late, you’re late, for a very important date.” 

Or as our mom or dad pulled us from bed in the morning, “come on, you’re going to be late!”

We have heard of the scarcity of time since the beginning of time!

We are all given 24 hours to each day- all of us, rich, poor, famous, normal, struggling and gurus. How you handle the 24 hours and how you place time on your values determines the amount of perceived rush, struggle and chaos. Our rush to beat time, our push to maximize time is all an illusion anyway. 

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