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6 Easy Steps to be Heard in Your Next Meeting

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This week’s KICK-ASS Career we are on S – for Speaking.

Many people say they aren’t good presenters, “that’s just for salespeople”. I say, you can and you must! Speaking is essential to every area of success.

Over the years I have seen so many people transform their careers, their relationships and their ability to network. Nothing boosts your confidence at work more than knowing how to present. No matter what the topic, there are 6 easy steps to follow. Use these techniques and you will have their attention from the beginning. (That’s where to start.) In a previous post I spoke about your voice technique.

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Mirror, Mirror on the wall? Who am I?

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We’re into Kickass Career time where we had the first “K” for Knowing, the “I” for Integrity, and now we are on to the “C” for Clarity. Your own Clarity is where your power is. Clarity means everything. For those in the career workshop, I’ve seen this come to light in amazing, amazing ways!

The first step we take in any entity for Clarity is the “Mission Statement”. With your Clarity, we focus on the PERSONAL Mission Statement. There’s nothing better than sitting and asking yourself key questions to get clear on who you are! What makes sense to you?

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You Might Be Wrong About Integrity

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There is more to integrity than meets the eye. It’s not just telling the truth. Here are four tests to tell if you have the character of true success.

This week’s post is for your kickass career and life, the “I” in Kick ASS.

For a kickass career or life, you must have the utmost integrity. This creates such a great flow in our life and opens us up to the natural ease of life. With FULL integrity, we are undivided, inside and out.

There are four tests to tell if you have integrity.

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The Secret To Finally Turn YOUR Goals Into “Done”

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This week we focus on “O” for organization. I love goal setting and have been doing it for decades. For the most part I have achieved what I set out to achieve. Many people I speak to, however, do not set goals. Yet, they do achieve some things. Naturally, they conclude goals are not necessary, nice job, nice family, nice home, what else do I need? The secret to accomplishing more escapes most people and that is why they convince themselves that goals aren’t needed.

Just think all the more joy, fulfillment and direction one can have with a few goals.

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Departing is such sweet sorrow, but so necessary!

Welcome to MOST LIFE and this week it’s “F” for FREEDOM. We have been exploring the 8 Dimensions of a MOST LIFE, this week, the 7th Dimension, DEPARTURE! It is such sweet sorrow!

This week we look at freedom in a new light, it comes with leaving something behind. What we leave behind might be an old job, an old lover or an old self. Maybe it is something we clung to that defines us. Perhaps it is a message that we received from long ago about ourself that we know doesn’t serve us any longer. In a previous blog, I spoke about the inspiring Elephant, Billie and the wonderful book by Carol Bradley, The Last Chain on Billie.

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Thinking about things? Get into ideas instead.

Here at MOST LIFE we cover one of our eight themes each week. This week we cover “I” for Intelligence!

There are a variety of ways we can think and interact with others.  How we use our mind and what we invite in to our mind that creates patterns and habits is important! Most of what we do in this area is out of the habits we form through repetition. The people we spend time with influence our habits. The more time we spend with people, the more they influence us and the thoughts we have.

When we engage in dialogue with others we learn. We learn about who they are and we learn about who we are.

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Your Vision Matters to us ALL!

Each week we cover one of our 8 MOST LIFE themes, this week it is “O” for Organization.  It is “O” week!

It’s a great week for Organization, and this is going to be a fantastic exercise to start off this year or any year or really any special time. Organization this week is about organizing your vision. Creating vision boards for this year and your future. I have done vision boards and visioning for years, as a matter of fact, 20 years ago I drew on a big poster board a house I wanted to live in. I pictured a balmy palm tree area,  a large driveway, and a mediterranean home. Well, the area I was living in at the time was certainly not those things.

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Abigail Forsyth, KeepCup CEO | Saving the Earth, one cup at a time

Ahead of the Curve!!

Wow! Abigail Forsyth has an inspirational story.

We talked to her from just outside Melbourne Australia on how she and her brother came up with the earth-saving concept of KeepCup.  The colors and the freshness of the idea. They are changing the way we visit our cafes. They are defining what it means to have a successful business and take care of the people. The earth and profits, it is possible. They were recently awarded a designation that you will hear about in the conversation. She is definitely, “AHEAD OF THE CURVE”.

Find out how! LISTEN to a very inspiring 12 minutes from our down-under partners.

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Dywuana Sykes, Author of “CANCER- US” Speaks UP

Ahead of the Curve!

Dywuana Sykes,  Author of “CANCER-US, It was Me! Is it YOU?” 

“Detect and Treat the Inner Agents that are Destroying You.”


An excerpt from her poignant, throat-grabbing, book,

“In that moment, going back to my past hurt felt better than moving forward into something new….”


We have all felt that trepidation. How have you overcome that feeling in your life? Share with us on FaceBook or Twitter.

WATCH the Ahead of the Curve interview this is a conversation that moved me.

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Your JUNK drawer CAN be Beautiful


This week we talk about “O” for Organization

I decided to tackle my kitchen junk drawer. The messes hidden in our lives bring us down. Every time I open the junk drawer (which is often, since everything is in there), I can feel my energy decrease. A small “UGH!” overcomes me. I say to myself, “one day, when I have time!” Isn’t that what we all say? I mean, don’t we have the best intentions?

This week, I tackle the junk drawer demon! See what happens when I open the drawer with the plans to cause order where there is chaos.

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