Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life


Change How You Look at Things and Things Will Change.

You are making your reality and feeling state through your subconscious programming. Our thinking determines everything. We are habitually processing the world and ourselves in certain, habitually programmed ways.

How we think controls it all.

We are all operating in our lives with filters, and stories and programs that determine our thinking, our actions and what we stress or don’t stress about. Our minds are always “on” there is a little voice, you hear it? The little voice is running around in your mind telling you how to look at the world and how you are in the world.

A recent client of mine sparked in an excited tone, “I have felt powerful all week, feeling so aligned with who I am. Something went wrong at work, and I handled it so differently. It’s going to be a challenge talking to my boss about it.” She is on fire, keeping calm under pressure, knowing her inner self well enough to make great decisions, not overreact, be cool and know she is “on it”.  

BUT… when it comes to her boss, she is already building the anxiety and creating a reality of challenge. This is resisting. When we resist a topic, idea, future or current situation, we are putting more energy in that direction. We are making the restricting OBJECT BIGGER! Here’s how it works.

Inside, she is thinking, (and she is resisting)…..

“this is going to be difficult, I know it, he is going to get mad at me, he is going to be upset and I am not sure how to handle all of that. I can handle the situation. I can do my job, but my boss is going to freak out and I don’t want to be there.” (This is a programmed thinking pattern on how she sees the world, her boss anyway.)

After thinking this way all weekend…after pouring hours of conscious and subconscious mental energy into the restriction……here is what comes next. The build up of adrenaline, stress, and procrastination is close at hand. At this point, she is so “wired” (literally) that her brain is sure the outcome will be this way.

Monday morning is not looking so good now.

So, we overeat, over drink, veg-out on the couch when we have “stuff” to do. We convince ourselves that rest is what we need. And we put off what makes us stronger, happier and better inside.

Stress and anxiety now have control of us. We are now a prisoner of stress and self-doubt.

All of our limited thinking and programming becomes bigger and our true powerful self-shrinks. We keep the replay going…and we are now wired for this reality! Yikes!

“Well, he’s a jerk anyway, he never supports me, he doesn’t really care about me.” Where does this come from and what can we do differently? Exactly how can we change our thinking to change THINGS?

By changing our wiring and our programming.  Our constant thinking patterns 24/7 create our beliefs and our experiences. We KNOW that our mental rehearsal thinking pattern will emerge as reality because it has before. We are so convinced of our world-view and self-view because it has BECOME our reality. Learn more about how to get to know yourself, in order to love yourself

Well….change your thinking and things will change.

Time for a reframe! Time to take control of those thoughts, tell them who is the boss and create a mental habit that will support your power, create a reality that you want and begin to train that “gremlin” brain to think differently.

Your empowering reframe goes like this: 

  1. I know the situation.
  2. I am good at my work. 
  3. I know what the company expects.
  4. This happened, we must deal with and I have the answers.
  5. I have the way to solve this. I know it and I am learning each day and showing up ready for growth!

Once we get straight on that, it is time for the reframe rehearsal. Time to reprogram our brain. Time to change the thinking to change our reality. Time to habitually think empowering thoughts!

Anytime we want to change our thinking we must ASK BETTER QUESTIONS.

  1. What can I truly learn from this?
  2. How can I enjoy this process and find joy?
  3. What does the other person need from me?
  4. What about this is making me stronger, better, and eager to show up as my full self?

Once you get your reframe going you can begin to change how you look at things….things will indeed change. This is a simple way to get started. Change the way you think about things and your world will change.

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