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Start Your Career Story NOW! FREE Workbook

Start Your Career Story NOW! FREE Workbook

Individual Coaching

When you sign up for coaching, you’re signing up to have me on your side. I’ll immerse myself in the land of you, ready to be your biggest supporter as you navigate this transition.

In exchange, you’ll do the work, commit to the process, and be willing to keep going even when you don’t even know where you’re headed.

I’m known for my straight-from-the-hip style, telling it like it is, and challenging my clients to do more, give more and be more. (If you’re looking to sit back and have someone dish out the answers, I’m not the coach for you.)

Corporate Coaching

For over two decades I’ve worked to bring groups and teams together to get back their edge, create more positive and productive communication habits, and achieve uncommon results. And I can CUSTOMIZE a program to meet the needs of your team too.