Milijana’s Story: Crushing the Myth of “I’m not Worth It!”


When I met Milijana she was feeling pretty low about her inside self.

Even though she was an award winning weight-lifter and strong on the outside, her worthiness was low.

Milijana is like so many women I work with….things look pretty good on the outside,

but the agony on the inside…..

Heck, even married to a dashing professional athlete, she wasn’t where she wanted to be at all.

Lots of ideas.

Lots of education.

Lots of confusion.



Not enough Self Worth.

Building a future from here is impossible.

The truth is, you can’t move ahead with your plans and have a great life if your inner core is jelly, porous and shifting and negative. That’s what you will get a weak result.

No where to stand firm, all…..


That’s where she was. Before we worked together!

That’s where so many of the women I work with are!

She was working so hard on herself to prove her worth that she cracked her spine.

This is the price many women pay for a deep feeling of…

“I’m not worth it!”

The physical cost.

Cracked her SPINE!

The not moving ahead cost.

Not making the money she deserved to make.

The cost of not being happy.

She was great at criticizing others!

The family suffers.

Friends go away or aren’t interested in hearing your stories any more.

Time to change. Time to claim who you are.

It is fixable. Like hundreds of women who have been coached through my proven techniques!

Time to dig deep and solve this costly problem.

Milijana invested in herself, we dove in and solved her worthiness issues.

After our work together, after she built her soul up- RESULTS!

She knows exactly who she is and now is thriving in her career.

Her spine is all healed! Strong from the inside and outside!

More happiness, more money, clarity and she feels it!


Listen to her inspiring story of just how she went from broken and crushed by feelings of
“I’m not worth it.”

Now she is a retreat leader, speaker, author and living life as a Bad Ass coach!

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