Curing the Life Assault from Job Trauma, Finally

This job issue can haunt you for years…and you may not even know what is going on.

Suffering from Job Trauma and Don’t Even Know It? This may be your career and life.

Job trauma, I see it everyday as a retired executive and kick ass career coach, happens when we are fired, laid off, sent packing upon a reorganization OR, have to flee a work environment that is way too overwhelming, tortured by a horrible boss or toxic work environment that goes on long enough to put us in serious stress mode for weeks, months, years and sometimes decades.

That’s job trauma!

These can all lead to continuation of the damaging set of mental programming and energy consciousness of the job trauma.

I see it everyday.

Everyday job trauma people call me….laid off five years ago and haven’t regained their status or income.

Job trauma after getting fired, wanting to leave their chosen profession even though they have so much to offer and do and be and earn.

Horrible boss after horrible boss….it is easy to conclude,

“it must be me!”

Time after time, I see talented professionals begin to believe it is them.

Is it YOU?

Brace yourself, it is you and you are not to blame.

It is time to change your consciousness and create a new idea of yourself and your work.

If you don’t do this…you will continue to repeat the same pattern.

I SEE IT EVERYDAY. Get yours started with Your Free Clarity Call.

I help fix it everyday.

You can fully recover from job trauma and gain control over your career strategy, plan and success.


I have spoken to over 1200 women over the past 3 years and here’s what I see.

Job trauma:

  1. Cripples future earnings,
  2. Devastates one’s inner confidence,
  3. Creates a repeating pattern of lower performance,
  4. Debilitates one’s career trajectory and depletes energy for everything else.

These and other symptoms of job trauma are affecting thousands of people all over the world.

You cannot work hard enough to make up for past job trauma.

You cannot be more perfect, work longer hours, keep your head down or otherwise use what you know (that got you right there) OR you cannot keep using the same tools to repair your job trauma and expect it to change.

Job trauma does a nasty job suppressing talents, and diminishing performance, as individuals suffer so do families. Job trauma affects all as an irritable spouse or parent arrives home and relationships take a toll. Job trauma crushes an individual’s happiness and earning power as new low levels of productivity and joy cannot be rebuilt and the lost monthly income and joy in life is gone forever.

I have suffered these job traumas no less than 6 times in my 30 year career. I bounced back- climbed back actually, each time. As I gained new footing in my next job I learned how to “get myself back” better than ever. And…thankfully, it is why I can relate so well. I know what it feels like, I know what is at stake and I get what is needed to step back into one’s power!

During my work as a “Bring Your Soul to Work” certified coach and established executive, I have combined all I learned falling from and then climbing the corporate ladder with practical psychology and consciousness science to change a job trauma “victim’s” fortunes. I learned the hard way and with way too much time. I have coached women and men to get back in full force and better than ever often, in less than 4 weeks of working together- often after months and sometimes years of low or no employment!

These steps are outlined in my webinar- 5 Shifts to Bring Your Soul to Work: Land Your Dream Job.

Here are the steps to take to begin to remedy your job trauma pattern.

  1. Find your internal strength and direction. Build your inner sense of self. Find who you are at the inner being level.
  2. Create a destination worthy of you. Think big about what you are capable of and what is the next step. Do more than repeating the same job, break out, step up and be more. You may need additional sources of courage, so find unconditional support.
  3. Learn to speak up, share your insights and knowledge to the right people and in the right places. Be seen and allow your inner being to guide you.
  4. Create a new identity of who you are and receive feedback about this new, awesome you.
  5. Get help to guide you back to yourself. I have been working with at least one coach since the year 2000. I have learned to see things differently, and create new ideas of who I can be. Now I belong to a mastermind group of like minded people and we all support each other on our professional journey. I also conduct a BadAss Mastermind group and these women have a lifelong support and sisterhood, that none of them can imagine living without!!
  6. Hang out with folks at higher levels than you. Get advice from people at higher levels, not peers. As a coach and executive I advise and consult my clients from the executive suite perspective. When was the past time you got guidance and were listened to by someone at the highest levels of career success. Get it!
  7. Don’t let those who love you (or those who don’t love you) convince you how small you are. DO NOT let others stop you from your dreams, or stop you from growing. It is all we have in this world, our growth. It is everything. Families get better, parents become better, workplaces get better when we prioritize our growth.


Step out of the job trauma pattern and emerge a BIGGER YOU! Just a few examples to give you a comfort that you can do it! These stories are just a few of the wonderful souls who have emerged after JOB TRAUMA!

  1. High Tech manager with a team of 5 supporting a customer service department had no resources, worked crazy hours, had 2 small children at home. She quit under duress, was unemployed for over 5 months and when she landed her dream job and brought her soul to work she connected with a progressive, growing technology company that values her work, her experience and her bilingual skills. She is rocking her new place, making more and gaining valuable experience creating a new balance with work and family.
  2. Tax professional was so unhappy with her job and work environment they finally eliminated her position. We spoke days later and she was sure she wanted to take a new path. Once she dove into her inner being (first Modules in my Kick Ass Career Course) she realized her chosen profession was the best fit for her and in 4 weeks landed her true dream job with work/ life balance and a great work environment.
  3. One client knew that presenting at a national conference would bring her the respect and would ensure her pay increases of saving her company millions of dollars. Instead, they ignored her ideas, squashed her enthusiasm and undermined her initiatives. She brought her soul to work, felt great about her contributions, but she couldn’t make headway there. She landed her dream job in a growing company who needed her skills and now has the opportunity to make the money and have the freedom she’s dreamt of for years.
  4. Another client in non-profit work, that can be soul crushing as the long hours and requests to give, give and give more depleted her. She had such an insecure boss he old her to stop being so good. Well, I coached her further and she found her soul, increased her inner power and was granted a promotion after a reorganization ended her boss’ tenure. She created healthy boundaries, took on tasks that made sense for her role, spoke up at meetings and decided to decrease her outside commitments. She gained power and strength and will begin a new job at a new organization who hired her because of how she showed up at association meetings and her reputation for being caring and strong.

These examples highlight the Bring Your Soul to Work coaching I do as it reverses the damage from job trauma and allows an individual to claim their true inner power and succeed in career and life better then EVER!

There are so many more beautiful examples and I am delighted to have helped so many women get back to the person they know inside who has gotten crushed and left for near dead on the sidelines of their careers.

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