Does the Current You Belong in Your Future Career?

This morning a career is changing… proud and happy (and changed) woman is starting her new dream job. She was stuck in her toxic environment for nearly 10 years, feeling competent and necessary she stuck with it. Who knows what stress disease may have befallen her? Or damage to her family may have come with more years of misery, bringing her toxic self home each night.

I know what toxicity at work can do!

One day a few months ago she messaged me that my motto,

“Everything Always Works Out for Me”

was getting on her nerves.

I asked her to give it a few days. She had a long commute and I suggested she change her thoughts on her commute. She began to shift her energy and felt a bit wobbly in the process. We talked on a Clarity Call and decided to invest in her new self. Yep, she knew she was on the brink of re-creating her new self and knew she needed a coach to help her cross the threshold from old self to NEW. The new self was emerging! As we begin to emerge the external world often jostles us back to who we knew, actually who THEY knew.

This is where most folks get lost. Starting to feel great as our higher, joyous self emerges. Others push us back into the (old) self they KNOW. We agree and BAM…..our new self is left behind again!

Thank goodness, she knew she couldn’t possibly work and live much longer like this.

All that was needed was for her NEW self to come alive…..she needed it to be her permanent version of HER!

She wanted to be HER.

They gave it their all in my course…. and decided to commit more to her new version of herself, she wrote her mission statement, created the job description that her potential new employer asked for and wrote a cover letter that would have never been written by her old self.

“I was told not to brag when I grew up. Now I know this is just sharing my talents.”

She did a video of her elevator pitch and created a new personality that she knew was always there. She just didn’t know how to live it every minute and design her work to fit her awesome self.

Now she has her dream job. She is the highest version of herself.

She created a new her and in a stroke of totally owning her new version posted in our Kick Ass Course about meeting an old friend for lunch. Her heart was pouring out in a way she had long forgotten. She had found her highest self and had a nice lunch welcoming her to her new life. When she welcomed this self, she knew it was there all along. Reclaiming her, getting used to her and bringing her out to work and play became a fun game and eventually she knew she was there for good.

Each day I am reminded more and more that what holds us back is our ideas of:
  1. Who WE are 
  2. What life is to us. I use our career and work to illuminate.

Think about your beliefs and how they shape your every day. Are you the one today you want to be in your future?  Is today’s self the one who will take you into your awesome future?

You want to have an awesome future, don’t you?

We have 2 main constructs of how life goes:
  1. Our view of the world (and how it works) “rich people are greedy”
  2. Our view of our self and how we operate in the world.
This week construct a reality you want to have.

Answer these questions…

  1. Who do I want to be next year? WHO?
  2. How do I want the world to look through my eyes?

Our reality is created from our thought, feeling and action habits…create ones that will create your future life.  

This week….dedicate to your new you…you know, the YOU you want to BE in your future.

Be the you who will land that dream job and be flying off to start it in a few months.

It is more than possible, it is REAL. I see it every week in my course. You can too!

DO you have skills?  Perhaps you have a profession that isn’t quite “working” out for you? Working in a toxic environment and don’t know how to get out? BOOK your clarity call now! Let’s make your 2017 the one you really look forward to!

Let’s talk…be one of the reasons I will do a happy dance!!