Elephants Have It & So Do We !

This week it is “T” for Togetherness

Elephants have it and so do we; the desire to connect! Do you have a Shirley and Jenny reunion coming up? I have been looking for a way to get my favorite elephants in my newsletter.

TOGETHERNESS is the theme this week. We are on the “T” in MOST LIFE.

Elephants have a very social culture, they like to be in family packs of sometimes greater than 100 in their herd. Their size captivates me as I watch (thank you, YouTube) elephants connect with each other and other animals. They are gentle, caring and crave connection. The wonderful emotional state that comes over me as I watch these creatures is warm, relaxed, peaceful and a great way to reduce stress.

Science tells us that connection with other beings does indeed reduce our stress hormones and increases our “happy” hormones (increased levels of oxytocin have been measured as dog owners pet their animals).

Back to our elephants | The reunion of elephants, Shirley and Jenny is a spectacular example of TOGETHERNESS and the merits of connection.

Watch the video (if you haven’t already) of Shirley and Jenny reuniting after over 20 years of separation.

It is a real tear jerker, it touches our heart to see reconnection. As mammals we relate very well to other mammal’s experiences. These beautiful and loving creatures resonate with so much heart and soul as they connect and re-establish their TOGETHERNESS.

In my Ebook, Faith Plus Five, the 4th secret to a MOST LIFE is connecting with people. This is key to living a satisfying life. We all connect to people, it is in our nature and in our souls.

This week, let’s remember to connect with someone special, maybe an old friend or someone you haven’t spoken to for awhile. TOGETHERNESS, is fundamental to our nature and necessary to our happiness and satisfaction in life.

Are you Living IT!?

Make Your Connections Matter! Use the handy IDEAsheet below to get your MOST LIFE TOGETHERNESS!

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