Everything I Learned About Life and Career in The Vineyard

Do you enjoy wine? Do you enjoy the curvy, leafy growth of the vines? Love driving past acres and acres of grape growth lined up for miles? The symmetry, the beauty of nature revealed on a hillside, along a country road? Wine is a magical beverage, biblical, historical, wondrous in its variety and complexity. I was recently in a new (new to me) wine region of the country, Paso Robles, California. We went to enjoy some time away and see different terrain, have cooler weather and just kick back for a  few days.

Back in action now, are you ready for a Career Shift? A clarity Call?


Running along the vineyards early in the dewy morning I was struck by the early spring growths. The chunky trunks of vines over 25 years old clung to the post marking the end of the row of standing straight vines. Ready to burst again this spring, green buds, leaves waiting to grow and thicken, tickled the barky branches.

Some trunks curved and twisted along the post markers, some of them straightened next to their post. Between the posts there were 3 tiers of wire strung along the same row of vines. The vines first branches opened up to show itself along the first wire support.  A strong branch splitting in two, like arms opening to receive more sun. The “T” shaped plants all opening to more surface area to sprout vine tendrils.

As I ran along the trails, winding up the hill, I saw each of these plants firmly rooted in the earth. Years of roots make these plants so special as they reach down into the soil layers to pull more flavor, more depth, more shape to the eventual flavor of the promised beverage.  I saw plants that were neatly pruned, old branches had been cut back from vines the year prior. The thin branch pile lay on the ground in neat clumps at the end of the rows. Pruning was done weeks prior to the little green leafy promises that were beginning to show. Green small leaves contrasting with a strong trunk and open arms. The vines were ready to come alive! Miles of them.

Nature showed me how she grows and I turned into a few lessons that are precious reminders as we grow each season.

The lessons I picked up from Mother Nature on this cool, early spring morning was:

  1. Don’t cling too tightly to your support post, you may end up all twisted, bent too small and not able to grow as much.
  2. Spread your branches open wide to receive as many future blossoms as possible. Lean into the gentle support that is around you.
  3. Keep your roots deep, throwing them into the earth to reach to new flavors and depth. Your roots can reach very deep, go for it.
  4. Take good care to get pruning before growing season, we are only ready for more when we shed the old. Pruning is done before new growth so a full expression can happen.
  5. Stand tall and present in the moment, you look really good when you are all that you are sent to be in life.
  6. Make a career out of growing each season, the beauty and depth you will create will delight lots of folks along the way. Your leaves and branches now will show fruit for harvest.
  7. No plant ever stops moving, there is no effort during growing season. There is no pushing to be something they are not. No plant tries to be a plant they are not. Be the truest plant that you are, ease and flow as you grow.
  8. Raise your glass to the miracles of nature made tasty and interesting by science, patience and time. Do what you can to make the best of all that surrounds you.

Enjoy your growth and your wonderful, natural enfolding, spread those arms and open to that new fruit!

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