4 Kick Ass Steps to Conquer Fear

Franklin D. Roosevelt, the past U.S. President, in the midst of dark days,  told us:  “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Though this is KICK ASS, we must ask how do we conquer this fear? Even more so, how do we have a life that is not defined by fear?

I deal with fear every day, mostly from my clients and sometimes from friends and family.  And, every now and then it creeps back up but fear is not welcome here anymore!

There is only one antidote to fear…LOVE!

Yes, acts of love will surely combat our internal feelings of fear. We don’t even have to tackle our fear head on, a simple act of love to another will shift our energy from fear to love.

Yes, when we love we cannot also give fear the attention it craves. Like a spoiled child, leave fear alone to tantrum. When we focus on love and being one, we cannot feel or experience fear.

Love has many faces, and so does fear.

SO shifting into any one of these “faces of love” can change our fear immediately.

Love can be compassion, generosity, genuine teaching, patience, kindness. Love can be felt and seen from miles away even though it is non-physical.

Love brings us a sense of togetherness. When we love our colleagues at work the unity we can leverage has seen no equal. Teams with deep love and respect win championships, awards, innovation recognition and operational safety designations and so forth.

Since I am a career coach, it’s all about love at work.

Love in the workplace, Mo? I thought we were past that! Heck no!  We are just getting started.

Here are four KICK ASS ways to combat fear with love at work

  1. Use your past self as an example.

    When we come from a place of love and compassion it works really well if we see our own life and career in the story. When you want to rant and rave and tell off someone…..STOP…. And think of yourself years ago, getting started, not knowing what you know now. Be compassionate and treat that person as a little you. As a matter of fact, when you explain the situation, create a teachable moment using your own personal experience which will create a bond and connection with the other person that is sure to blossom into a new avenue in your relationship. Work can be fun!

  1.  Imagine that person with a big glow around their face.

Conflict shows up and we immediately get more fearful. Our drama buttons get pushed and we are likely to REACT. We are likely to show a worse version of ourselves to others when we feel stress. So, let’s use the positive energy of light and color. Imagine this person’s face bathed in a white, swirling light. Imagine this person looking at you with love as you surround their face (in your mind’s eye) with love, compassion and the energy of love. As you put your attention on this visual your heart will soften and your fear will subside.

  1.  Perform an act of generosity directly with that person, 

    or someone else, with the intention of softening your fear toward that person. When you extend yourself to someone or something and give, give attention, time or money, we shift dramatically to the wavelength of love. Do something for someone else and watch your fear melt away.

  1. Connect with love.

    When you are feeling fear, anger, confusion, guilt, frustration, call someone YOU LOVE. Don’t call your friend you complain about life with. Don’t put more energy into the drama. STOP and put your attention on someone you love. Call a favorite niece, call an old friend, call your partner and let them lift you with how much you love them. Do not TAKE love energy or grab it. Give it. Give love energy to the other. How’s their day? How’s their work? What’s the latest thing worthy of a celebration?

So, as you feel the fear gremlin creeping in your heart, your soul, and your life. STOP the habit and do something differently. Practice LOVE and connect with that energy.

There is so much more for us at the higher vibration of love energy than any other vibrational level. At work, invoke the love card. Have fun seeing how it works to change everything! Especially YOU!

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