The Super Simple 5-Step Strategy Smart Women Use to Transition to Their Perfect Job, Finally Get Paid What They’re Worth & Get the Recognition They Deserve

(without going back to school or getting more qualifications)

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A step-by-step plan for professionals to master their career: get promoted, get the raise, or transition into a whole new job…without sacrificing even one dime of income.

Why connecting on LinkedIn and sending out tons of resumes are the WORST strategies to get a higher-paying job…and the simple secret my clients use to get noticed by the right people starting TODAY.

The secret to instant confidence and poise,  and how women are finally standing up for themselves in a way that gets them the praise, salary, and position they deserve (without being inauthentic, pushy, or fake).

The toxic beliefs that hold too many women back from living their best life, and the simple truths that can pave the way to the ultimate career success (while making work relationships stronger along the way).

Why just ‘working harder’ is a first-class ticket to staying stuck in a job, and the secret to working smarter in a way that gets your real contributions recognized and richly rewarded.

AND…how to do all of this without playing office politics, working more hours, staying late, or pretending to be someone you’re not.

Mo FaulMo Faul

Mo is a successful executive who now coaches women worldwide to gain success without the “dog-eat-dog” politics or pretending to get along. As seen in Hay House Radio, Heal Your Life, Kathy Ireland Worldwide, Fox Business, and Bloomberg TV.