Forgiveness and Success: 3 Ways to Move Forward

Forgiveness and Success

What the devil does forgiveness have to do with success?

Would it surprise you to hear it has everything to do with your success?

Every day in my Kick Ass Career Course I see women who have suffered what I call “Job Trauma”.

This is a very real emotional, mental and spiritual assault. Our work and career is our contribution to the world. It is our physical world energy which yields the fruits of our labor…our pay.
Work is a personal contribution to an organization that serves people. No matter what work you do, you make someone’s life better. We are connected by this fabric of society.

We are fed emotionally, mentally and spiritually….OR we are depleted. The scales may not be equal. The effort may not gain the “right” fruit or reward.

And then….toxic environment, bad boss, excessive rudeness, job loss, firings, downsizings, or perhaps you HAD to leave because it was making you sick!

These job traumas, like all traumas, stay in our emotional, mental and spiritual template.

These traumas reside in us.

This creates a fear pattern around work. This fear pattern diminishes you.

A diminished you gets paid less, doesn’t get seen as awesome and eventually…

  1. You give up trying and settle for less,
  2. You get sick, OR…(and)
  3. You use all your energy to keep the pain hidden and are depleted at the end of the day.

I see it all the time.

You are an awesome soul. I know it, because it is how you were born.

You have education, expertise, experience.

Put it to work. Be awesome and your career soars.

Stay in job trauma fear pattern and your entire life, family AND career will suffer.

I see it… every day!

There is hope. There is a way back to YOU, the awesome you.

Some of your way back is found in forgiveness. Yes, that ancient spiritual practice of forgiveness.

Where there is hatred, let me sow hope. I was raised with these thoughts, but it wasn’t until I really understood forgiveness at its roots that I was able to use it to heal my wounds.

Forgiveness, when done with space and appreciation and honoring the self can make profound shifts in your energy body, can shift your inner being so much that a new reality is literally created. Your world will change when you change this wounded Job Trauma pattern inside you.

Your entire life is affected by the energy pattern of you. Careers get better, marriages get better, parent- child relationships get better.


Forgiveness turns the energy you have outward toward a negative event that is housed in you, and shifts it, heals it.

I use many techniques to help my clients dig deep into healing these patterns.

Lightness emerges when we see the event as a catalyst for our growth.

Lightness happens when we see our same patterns showing up and begging for our attention to heal.

Lightness happens when we begin to show up more WHOLE.

This is deeper than the intellect. This is deeper than the words on this page.

Most forgiveness works for the self. SO start there.

Here are a few starting tips:

  1. Begin to journal. You have had some ups and downs. Where do you still hold yourself tight and tense over things that didn’t go well? Journal it and relieve yourself. You were doing the best you could.
  2. Who else are you holding tight and tense? An old lover, a family member with a badly placed comment? A boss who criticized work that you toiled over? Gently allow yourself to see them as human, as doing the best they could. Be easy on yourself as you recall these.
  3. Have a mental conversation with those people, what would you say? How do you want to really feel? Are you ready to let go? Are you ready to release the tension?

These patterns show up all the time. Many times we don’t really know it and we use our emotional energy to push down the hurt. We don’t like pain so we use our precious energy to push down these traumas. Be easy on yourself and on them (if therapy with a mental health professional is needed, please seek that help.).

Your career will soar once you lighten your load. Your boss and job prospects will increase once you eliminate this pattern. It will keep showing up if it is not healed. That is the way it works, so heal it.

My work as a career coach touches on all aspects of life, it must. We bring ourselves to work, so to truly succeed, we need to bring our best self to work, I call it bringing your SOUL to work. Let’s shine it up— be your awesome you and success is guaranteed.

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Not only did 4 clients land their dream jobs this past week, but a current Kick Ass woman sent this nice note along to me!

“I love and appreciate you and all you’re doing not only for me but all of us.  You are more than a career coach.  You are a life coach who is helping women harness their creative energy to shine and be seen in the world while pursuing their passions and purpose.  I will be sending more women your way because that’s my natural gift and talent in this life.  Have a wonderfully kickass weekend!”  G.F., Professional Recruiter.