Gender Pay Gap Part 2: Real Life and Real Answers

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Gender Pay Gap Part 2: Real Life and Real Answers

I am so passionate about the gender pay gap because I see it every day. It is not a headline, it is not a monthly leadership topic at work or a philosophical social problem.


I will tell you some solutions down below—but first….

A client of mine is currently at a $50,000 gap in her pay compared to her male colleagues.

(We are going to fix it!)

$50,000!!! That is $200 per day- every work day she slips behind.

She was told they would take care of it over the next 2 years.

HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars of discrimination and she is supposed to TAKE IT???

That’s one reason why she is a client– she is being wronged and is in a predicament of working at her company over 18 years—she needs professional help before she pulls the plug or leaves out of frustration.

We are working on a game plan.

We have to heal her trampled soul.

We have to lift her light and reclaim her power.

We have to create a smart strategy.

We must prepare a critical conversation.

We must plan for her to move up elsewhere.

It takes the right steps, the right plan, the right internal work.


Many women I speak to don’t think it is able to be fixed.


Many women think they will keep doing the same thing and expect different results– doesn’t happen.

The solutions and remedies are able to be executed.

BUT- so many women are trapped.

When we are trapped, our primitive stress brain is turned on and we panic– no way out!


There is KICK ASS client (and many hundreds over the years)—who solved this problem recently.

10 years underpaid.

10 years underpaid >>>>>>> over $500,000  UNDERPAID!!!

The numbers add up!

We helped her….within 8 weeks- her life is changed.






10 years later—-She is FINALLY PAID HER WORTH!

When she joined my workshop– I asked her if she was ready to leave if she had to to claim her respect and professional self -esteem.


She is now paid well and enjoying many other wonderful professional and personal results.

Including her college age children’s lives getting better and her parenting is on possibility and power, not fear and regret.


Real world problems– SOLVED!

Another client landed her first full time job in 5 years– contract work after her divorce and some health problems held her up.

She landed an over $100,000 job and ASKED FOR MORE.

SHE ASKED for more because she knows how to.

She asked for more because she broke through her lifelong programming that she had to accept what was offered.

She is now earning what she is worth at a job she is excited about and she will do great.

No longer churning extra hard to prove her worth.

This has got to stop.

This gender pay gap is a BIG problem that affects families everywhere.


There is a way to change it.

  1. Shift your beliefs about what you are worth. (Deep inner work.)
  2. Do your homework. (Research and planning.)
  3. Get prepared for the critical conversation. (Practice.)
  4. Be prepared for the offer and negotiation if you are looking for and landing a new job.
  5. Get the proper help to break this pay problem cycle as needed.
  6. Surround yourself with others who will cheer you on– not scare you or doubt you!
  7. JOIN ME TODAY— MONDAY January 21, 2019 for a special Facebook LIVE on this problem!

My clients know how to solve problems and get real results because– they took care of business and started with a FREE CAREER CLARITY CALL.

It starts by saying yes to you!

The work we do changes souls and bank accounts!

Let’s do this!