Getting Back To Nature

Each week we cover one of our 8 MOST LIFE themes, this week it is “T” for Togetherness!

This time of the year may be a little chilly to get back in touch with nature, but whether you are in the north, south or somewhere in between, it is important to connect with the natural world, the universe is so magical.

We are so evolved that we are not as connected to nature as the past generations. We are so evolved that the very natural connection (togetherness) that allows for our survival, is no longer part of our life (for most of us). We need food and water for survival. Turn on the water faucet, shop at the local super-sized grocery chain. No longer are we foraging in the woods, growing food on the plains, picking fruit and berries, no, we are shopping.

Nature, nature, where art thou?

We need nature and the outdoors to thrive! The air we breathe, the birds chirping, all important to us. Seasonal changes, sounds, all of this is essential to survival. But, alas we have evolved.

When I am out for a run, I will gently caress a tree branch or jump to touch a leaf on a tree above me. I like to play, like a kid. Today I took a shortcut running and I saw it, just before I hit it- I ran through a thick, sticky spider web. I went for it! I played with nature and felt the finest piece of art all over my hands and shirt! Grateful to have run into Charlotte’s web! Such a pleasure to touch nature!

Since we no longer really live in and with nature, we are hungry for it. Literally, we desire the outdoors, our body needs it for vitamin D (there is an epidemic in low vitamin D levels in the U.S.). We know we want to, we know we need to, so when will we, get back to nature?

This week, togetherness has a few aspects to it, the food we eat, the recreation we crave and the “hanging out” portion.  Why not eat something really close to nature, an orange, an apple.  Why not go for a walk in the nearby park, chilly or not. Or sit on a bench, soaking up the sights, sounds and smells and just BE one with mother earth. She is so calm and strong and steady. She will remind you to slow down, be at peace with the NOW.

Resting in the arms of nature and smelling the elements in the soil and air we become connected and are together with (mother) nature. It is no wonder we have come to call her mother!  So essential to us, as a mother is to any child, nature and us are meant to be together.

Let’s get together with her again!

This week’s IDEASheet is a simple reflection on how great we feel when we touch nature.