I’m Sorry – The Hurtful Habit of Apologizing


Each week I get reminded of one of the biggest problems facing professional women today.

Talking with career focused women by the hundreds each month, I notice a few common, yet subtle clues that point to deep consciousness programming.

Programming that points to giving away energy.

Programming that leads to not holding one’s space in the world.

A clue to me that there needs to be a deep change.

The dreaded “I’m sorry”. UGH……

We are trained from an early age to excuse ourselves.

We are scolded and scolded.

“Say you’re sorry….”

Sorry is great when we hurt someone or offend them.

Sorry for speaking….

Sorry for taking up space….

Sorry for being right….

Sorry for wanting….


This I AM SORRY language brings feelings of not being seen.

Feelings of a diminished self.

Feelings of not being enough.

Feelings of being wrong most of the time.

Weekly TIP:

Be aware of this habit and change your reflex. Just go ahead and do what you feel you need to do!

When you don’t catch your “I’m Sorry” habit it turns into a big problem for you.

What happens next?

You get passed over for promotions,

You doubt your career moves, or you stay where you are, convinced there cannot be more.

Your logic covers up the problem…convincing you that life can never be as good as you want.

YOUR SOUL SHRINKS and life begins to hurt.

When that happens, the body feels it.

Your future gets dark.

You lose hope for the future.

You cannot even contemplate interviewing for something else.

You cannot even imagine how life can get better.

You are lost in a fog of apathy and depleted every day.

Sundays are a mix of excitement and terror.

High blood pressure, migraines, chronic aches begin to be your focus.

I see it all the time and it is an invisible force that keeps the subconscious mind from allowing our soul to fully emerge.

Do it for yourself!

You deserve to never say, “I’m sorry”– you are not responsible for all the bad feelings you are picking up in the world.

Take up space.

Speak up.

DO things that feel good, not just because you have to refill your inner self, but because you WANT TO!

Get comfortable with being a BEING that matters.

When you are in a life or career that you feel you don’t matter, get a plan.

You deserve to emerge.

Your SOUL is begging you to shine!

You feel best when you Bring Your Soul to Work (and to life).

You feel best when you KNOW you are ok to speak, take up space, be right and to want more.


The work I do with my clients guarantees the positive feelings of life and career.

Now is the time for you to claim YOU!

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Your life is not to be apologized for.

Your soul wants to be free….COME OUT and BE FREE!

Let’s do this…your soul will thank you!!