Happy New You! A New You all Year Long.

Happy New You! New You all Year Long.

Happy New YOU!

Each year, same old resolutions come and go and they are written about why they fail. Perhaps now you settle into a simple promise that you know you can keep.

“I will be more sincere this year.” And as soon as you say it your gremlin mind begins to take over! “You know you can’t be that way at work!” “You know you can’t be that way with Sally!” (Friend who needs your shoulder to cry on and you never get anything from her.)

This year must be different. You must get that promotion, get that raise, or go for that new job that you are so worth and ready for!

I talk to too many people on my clarity calls who are settling, waiting, the external environment controlling way too much of their destiny. If that is you, listen up, your Kick Ass Coach is here to jolt you into your future.

Your life is to be lived and enjoyed and for you to feel great about yourself, the work you do and when you get home  to enjoy that life also! Life is truly meant to be fun, this revelation is one of the big surprises women have after working with me. Life is easy and enjoyable.

You life matters. You career matters AND, it is in the hands of YOU.

3 Strategies to do NOW to ensure you have a NEW YOU in this year!

  1. Don’t wait for your boss, take your career into your own hands!

Take my advice about having that meeting with your boss to know where you stand and determine your future. Read this Blog from a few weeks ago. And TODAY, schedule that meeting with your boss, don’t wait for her, schedule it today! Be open minded about the feedback and if it isn’t empowering or helpful, starting looking for a better fit!

  1.  Look at how much your last paycheck says you made this year.  

Ask yourself,  “Is this really your worth?” “Is this good enough?” Are you playing too small and settling in the money area as well? I wrote about this a few weeks ago as well, I am serious about your paycheck, you are the one to create your destiny, your future and the amount of freedom you have. How are you doing? Take the strategies here if this is the area you need to focus on. Read more about why money matters.

  1.  Invest in yourself. Yes, you are a work in progress and life can be better with help. I hired my first coach in 2000. Seventeen years ago how I looked at my career and life was very different and I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on my own growth. WHY? Because I want my life to feel better all the time. I needed that outside someone (trained and who had been where I had not been) to guide me. My first coach had me see my career and job in ways I couldn’t. Don’t ask your best friend for career advice unless she has accomplished more than you and knows how to guide you. Friends are friends, coaches are not friends.

After my FREE Clarity Call, many folks begin to experience their energy shift right away. Opportunities are “suddenly” noticed, recruiters call with a new offer, old co-workers who went ahead of you call to tell you of a new opening that you are perfect for.

We will be shifting your energy on the call.

Get ready to meet your higher, best self and feel what your life can be like. If there is a match between where you want to go and what’s holding you back, I may offer you the opportunity to work with me. I know how to help you land your dream job, make more money and align yourself so you are clear on what will and won’t work for you!

Book your FREE Clarity Call today. Time is limited – your NEW YEAR just started, let’s make 2017 the best yet!

2017 is the best yet for a few dozen women who are living the Kick Ass Career and life…..make this year yours!

A new you for the NEW YEAR. Let’s talk.