Heal Your Career, Heal Your Life

Heal Your Career, Heal Your Life

This is what I know.

When you find your awesome self, you cure your career and your life.

One recent client, unemployed for several months, 3 kids….she had skills, desire, but her vibration was all victim. She was deeply feeling unworthy and broken. She NEEDED a job!

One client was laid off from her previous job and took a job that was lower level, lower pay and the boss wasn’t able to see her skills. She needed to move on.

She started working with me to find a new job worthy of her experience and education.

My approach is to look inside. Just like anything not working well– look inside.

My internal work and experience and soulful insights guide my coaching.

IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU. The inner you.

So, when we heal your career…..we heal your life. Your WHOLE YOU.

It’s not about memorizing your interview answers– the answers are there when you bring your soul to your interview.

It’s not only a great resume (good resumes are fine).

It’s not just leveraging LinkedIn….important enough…

But, I know this to be true–just the first steps into your power change everything.

All of a sudden, recruiters call with a perfect opportunity.

All of a sudden, an old colleague calls with a new job for you.

All of a sudden you decide to attend a networking event (that you would never have gone to)…because you are now listening to your inner being. When you bring your soul forward, you change everything.

Here’s why it works this way.

First….go back to Albert Einstein…quantum physics tells us we live in an energetic Universe. You may study the Law of Attraction, you may have read all the books, you may wonder why its not working for you. It is working. Every minute you attract that which is likened to your thoughts and feelings.

Well…tough love here.

Right now, every thing in your life is a match to your vibrational level….your thoughts and feelings are creating your life. Your thoughts and feelings are creating your career.

TAKE A MOMENT…..get real…be patient with yourself and reflect…it is worth it to do a bit a weeding in the mental garden. Take full stock of what you are really thinking, each minute, hour, day. It all matters. 


Here’s why it works:

  1. You are energy. You are a vibrational soulful energy of life. This may feel foreign, and that inner “you” may feel small, but she is in there, ready to burst out.
  2. The energy of the Universe has momentum of expansion and wants to keep moving forward. That’s why, when we are blocked, shut down or otherwise overlooked at work (and everywhere else) it hurts. It is painful to be against the energetic expansion of the energy directing the world. If you are not growing and expanding, you will feel negative feelings. Then, you will judge yourself and soon enough it shifts to victimhood, and then….then it is really painful and the rest of the world is doing TO you. If you are there- get an appointment with us ASAP!
  3. Changing your thoughts and feelings about yourself and stepping into YES feels so good! Because it puts you in alignment with the expanding Universe.
  4. Once you shift the shrinking and the playing small and believing that you are not worthy….yes, in order for this to work, you must leave those beliefs behind….you begin to feel taller, higher, more expanded. THAT’S IT! THAT’S IT!
  5. Once you receive guidance toward yourself and permission to shine, your inner self expands daily AND you are seen differently. Because you are! Once you expand and vibrate at a higher level you are different.

My Bring Your Soul to Work approach works because it is in sync with the Universal principles of energy and quantum physics. No need for a PhD.–although many of my clients do have them.

All you need to do is DECIDE.

DECIDE it is time to live your life.

DECIDE you are worth the time.

DECIDE that what you are doing is not working.

DECIDE that you can make a change.

DECIDE that your career can be healed.

DECIDE that your life can be healed!

That’s a lot of decisions, starts with just one decision.

UPDATE::::Woman #1 who was unemployed for months? She fought with me for a few weeks, she told me how her “ex” was damaging her, she told me how she wasn’t worthy of feeling good. I held her in her power and she came forward….she landed her dream job and with Kick Ass Coaching, she negotiated $3,000 more to her offer. She is thrilled to be using all her skills and bi-lingual self in her job! Now her 3 kids see their mom owning her power and being happier than ever! Heal Your Career, Heal Your LIFE.

Woman #2– she began to show up “bigger” at her job, began being seen for her talents, was given better assignments, put on a team for difficult projects, was assigned a new boss and loves her work and knows she has a future there. She didn’t need a new job, she needed a new HER. Her 21 year old daughter said she has never seen her MOM happier! Heal Your Career, Heal Your LIFE!

IT ALL STARTS with a Career Clarity call– some honesty and a desire to move into your power!