Labor Day: How To Break Free From The Labor Myth


Do you know about The Labor Myth?

So many women buy into it — the myth that work is supposed to be hard. 

They think they should be grateful for what little they’ve got. 

They’re supposed to show up, shut up, accept a mediocre salary, and shrug their shoulders when their talents go unrecognized. 

It’s a terrible way to live. Like living in prison. A prison you must escape!

This Labor Day, let’s commit and break free from The Labor Myth.

If you aren’t making the money you deserve, and you aren’t happy and fulfilled at work, You might as well be in prison…

…a prison of the mind which affects body and soul.

The good news? You don’t have to live this way UNLESS you buy into it! 

In this special video, learn how to break free from The Labor Myth.

Here’s the surefire way out of that jail cell: Watch this video or listen to the podcast on the go, where I share how to make a prison break. (And you don’t even have to bribe the guards.) 

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