Create a Vision Board To Boost Your Life & Career

Vision boards are a powerful and empowering tool. Filled with your career goals, it acts as a way to image your perfect future. It’s full of everything that makes you happy, things you want to do in your career, and jobs you want to have. The human mind responds more to visual content, it is easier for us to remember images than text. In fact, these images stay with you longer!

20 years ago, frustrated with having moved to North Carolina and things not working out for me…in any way, I went into the non-physical workshop to build and create my future! I wrote lots of “far-fetched” ideas about being a motivational speaker and moving into a home in Florida, circular driveway, yellow home, palm trees and more… the picture was put away. I moved to Florida a few months later and episode after episode I eventually moved into a dream neighborhood, long forgotten the drawings… but when I went into my files, VIOLA!!! The same house I created in 1995, I moved in with my family in 2000! We just moved out of that home after 16 years and are moving into our “empty- nester” home that was a vision board in 2006! Amazing! That’s how it works. Read on for the techniques.

Why Vision Boards Work

How can a board with your goals and dreams work? Seeing your desires displayed every day brings it to life. It is one of the most powerful visualisation tools you can have! When you visualize what you want, you put it back into the universe. You tell yourself what you want and bring that into your surroundings, this is called the Law of Attraction. You welcome these things, you unconsciously find them and bring them into your life (and they find you). Having this board lets you visualize every day,  even when you don’t intend to. If you believe it or not visualization is proven true to help you succeed.

How to use your vision board

Put your vision board in a place you see every day, fr example, beside your bed or in your office. Each morning when you see your board the thoughts and images will help you to create your dream future. When time passes and your goals are achieved you can start again. Give it a try,  you will be amazed at how fast Law of Attraction responds to your goals.

Here are some other awesome ways to use yours:

  • Look at your vision board and let it inspire you!
  • Look at the images and internalize these feelings, they will stay with you every time you pass yours
  • Feel free to read your positive words and quotes out loud when you need them, know they are true.
  • Acknowledge any changes you have seen or feelings you have felt

How to make your vision board

You will need scissors, glue, and a board before you start.  Here is what you can put on your vision board, everyone is different so take your time and think about what you want in the future.

  • Anything that makes you inspired or motivated
  • Think about what your goals are for your career, personal growth, or finances
  • Still confused? Write down your main goals by hand and what you want them to look like (find images for these)
  • You can post a picture yourself that emits happy feelings

Now that you have direction, it is time to put it all together! Have fun with this, and create something you love! To make your vision board follow these steps:

  • Set the mood, put on your favourite music, light a candle, make a snack!
  • Cut out all your images and being places them on your board how you like, you can leave space between photos or overlap them
  • When you are happy with how your board looks begin glueing your images down
  • If you want to get even more crafty try using stickers or ribbons