How to keep Your Soul During Rough Times

Keeping your soul alive and thriving during hard times is what life is all about.

When life is flowing and easy, there is no growth.

We are here on this planet to grow and to have our growth be for other’s growth.

It’s all about that.

Every week I speak to women on my free career clarity calls and their souls are dim.

Souls dim from a 48 year old woman who lost her job and gave it her all. Now what?

Souls dim after being hospitalized for a nervous breakdown and thinking life was going to be a fight every step of the way. Her 3 kids aged 10-16 need her, but life had gotten too big.

Professional women who have been tossed in a life of stress, bullying, toxic work environments, layoffs, poor bosses who do not know how to develop, appreciate and nurture talent, they become pawns in life and dim souls.

The good news is that this problem can be solved.

I came to terms with it during my breast cancer journey 10 years ago.

The solution to this life and death issue of a dim soul starts with leaning into the problem and not running from it.

You see, the primitive brain wants to run, since it can’t run from your job (although I have helped women who have run from their jobs).  The primitive brain wants to protect you in the way it knows how. These ways are not very helpful in our lives and career.

You can’t fight your way out of these difficult situations.

You can’t flee…or you can, but no job is not a great option.

You can’t simply freeze and not take action, although this is typically what I see.

Women frozen in their careers, because their SOULS are dim.

There are some real world ways to brighten your soul.

First, like all problems, you have to identify your problem.

In case you need to take a close look at what may be wrong, visit my free training.

Second, take action to solve the problem. You will need to get your soul’s energy back up- your BEING-NESS and then apply practical solutions to move your career forward. The DOING-NESS of what you do needs to be fixed, focused and brought to the next level.

Many clients I work with are shut down so badly that playing small is a hidden problem.

I see it al the time, playing small to protect your soul, to protect yourself.

In order to keep your soul shining you must pay attention to it.

Your soul is the power plant of your entire being.

Your soul is the entire energy source of all your life.

Family, career, friends and your future.

Let’s talk about your soul.

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