I keep self sabotaging


The Real Way to Stop Self-Sabotage (it is possible)

“I just had to leave. It was my only real option to leave and never come back!”

A successful, 48 Year old woman, who spent years building her expertise as a software programmer and project manager, was beaten down and felt helpless and worthless.

She was done with her ideas not being heard and others taking credit.

She was done with wanting things to change and her projects needed changes unwanted.

She was done with feeling a deep feeling she brought from her childhood- not being enough.

It felt so bad she couldn’t drag herself into work.

Talented, smart and with ideas that can make a difference.

Her conditioned consciousness was leading her down a familiar path.

She felt bad, frustrated, angry.

She was unheard and didn’t know how to change.

She has contributed to many projects and successes in her career and was brought so low, she forgot her good work.

She was feeling that “corporate work” wasn’t a good fit.

She was ready to chuck it all.

“Mo, I need to find my passion.”

“I can’t do this for 20 more years!”

She was ready to throw away 25 plus years of education, expertise and experience.

Her recent feedback at work was driving her into her old beliefs.

The environment and her reactions to it had conditioned her for greater thoughts and feelings of unworthiness.

There is an answer. There is a remedy.

It is not what you think.

And…it is not something you can just think.

But– think you must!

The answer to the plague of self- sabotage is to render it weak.

In order to do that your consciousness needs a BOOST.

This BOOST comes from your soul.

In my work as a career coach, the best answer to every struggle, all career suffering is to find your soul.

Your soul will refuel you!

Your soul will save your conditioned beliefs.

Your soul knows the answers and knows how awesome you are.

Don’t let yourself forget for too long how awesome you are.

It is easy to forget and believe what you are getting as feedback at work.

Now is the time to energize your soul.

Remind yourself the best parts of you!

Get your inner worth built back up!

Watch the interview with an awesome Bad Ass, Kick Ass client, Milijana.

Then, claim your path to your dream career!

Get your time with one of my Career Breakthrough Strategists!

It is your time to shine!

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Let’s tackle this self sabotage problem, NOW!!

P.S.– This client is now thriving in a great IT Manager role and is newly certified in a key area of expertise she enjoys that fuels her software career! She knows her worth and her soul!