I Tuned Into my Chakras for Success (and How You Can Use This for Your Career)

Chakra? What kind of a word is that? Meditate? Yeah I have tried it.

Last summer I had it all figured out and was meditating each morning.  I had just taken a “how to course” and I was practicing mindfulness each day.  The 12 week class made me a meditation specialist.  I knew all the science behind meditation. Only thing…it wasn’t “working”. I wasn’t feeling better. Many mornings I was just going through the motions and hoping the magic would HAPPEN to me.

Come on…

Where was that inner peace? My racing mind would not let up. Why wasn’t meditation working for me? In a busy work life we can all use some peace! I had heard about Chakras for years. I know about energy flow, but truth is, I didn’t know how to tap in and use my natural energy source.

Just as life would have it, “everything always worked out for me”! Two amazing sisters Lacy Young and Kayla Floyd offered me a program to enliven my mind body and spirit. I said yes (to my now 2 soul sisters) to the 21 Day Chakra System.  They gave me all the support and knowledge I needed. I felt loved, these ladies have an amazing way of spreading their positive energy to everyone in the course.

What is a Chakra?

Lacy explains that a Chakra is “Chakras are energy centers in our body. Our body is communizing with us all the time. Learning how to listen to, connect with, open and clear the chakras can be a powerful tool for raising consciousness and promoting health and well-being.”

Here’s are just a few things that I learned with this program, I took these awesome findings and put them right into my career. These are skills everyone can work at and use for their success, why not give one or two a try? These are great foundation starting points, focus on you.

chakraProperly meditate

I meditate every day! It is a must to the start and end of my day. If you don’t meditate why not start now?  There are plenty of ways to get started, there are some great apps, articles, and youtube videos. Here is a great one from Lacy herself you can try this morning:


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Change your perspectives

Your thoughts create your beliefs, these are things we have stored and carried with us from a young age. But did you know that beliefs shape your whole life? I always talk about re-writing your inner talk, your programming. It is the only way we can move forward. Lacy and Kayla teach that you must learn how to change the thoughts you have on repeat in your mind. I was able to get rid of old, negative beliefs and it helped my career soar.

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Reclaim power

It is so important to be empowered! “Knowing how your body and energy work will transform your life in ways you cannot possibly imagine” (Source). When you sit down and really think about your power, only then can you reclaim it, you use it. Own your power today!

Appreciate who you are

During this course, I fell in love with me and my energy. When working with your mind, body and soul everything comes into place. You love yourself again. Appreciation (for yourself and others) is important for any success. When you work on your soul you can create oneness within you. When you know yourself, you can love yourself and when you love yourself you get the things you want (including jobs).

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Listen to your body

Your body the home base for your spirit, your mind, and of course your energy. If we ignore our bodies needs it can cause energy blocks and even sickness. However, by practising awareness while exercising, really paying attention to our movements, I learnt better ways of moving my energy, as well as creating an awesome environment for my health.