Is Your Pain Too Comfortable?


This is your bottle of Tylenol speaking. I know you’re stressed so I’ll get straight to the point: 

Fact is, you’ve been hoovering down my contents like I’m a bag of skittles. It’s making me wonder…

Is your pain too comfortable? What are you ignoring or denying in life that’s creating this level of physical pain? 

Sometimes the body uses pain as a warning. Or it could be more accurate to say that your soul uses the body to send you messages. 

So I’ll ask again: is your pain too comfortable? What are you denying? What hurts about life?

I know, I’m supposed to stay silent while you drain me of pills, but once you finish me I’ll get tossed in recycling and have no way to contact you. 

Besides, I’ve heard rumors from the Advil bottle in your other drawer that our contents are attacking your liver, making your body less efficient in its ability to detox. 

But I digress. 

The point is, facing your pain will be way more healing than continuing to medicate it away.

Now for the good news: I’m here to share how to heal what’s really troubling you. Put an end to your pain. Let yourself live life. DIVE IN to your soul and find the strength and courage to get out of your way! Watch above or listen to the podcast while you schedule a Complimentary 1-hour Career Clarity Call with Team Coach Mo. We’ll get to the bottom of what hurts so you feel great again. 

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