It’s Summer LIVING and time for MOCKTAILS!

We are taking a step back this week and relaxing, in the US this weekend is the unofficial start of summer with Memorial Day and we celebrate the brave men and women who have defended our freedom. Let’s raise a glass to Memorial Day and the start of summer. (TAKE MO ON THE GO, Click Here for Podcast!)

My inner “mixologist” comes out when I see limes, lemons and fresh berries. I follow FOOD52 and The Tasting Table for great tips on how to enjoy wonderful summer beverages.

This week I have my own recipes and mix ups! A little fruit, some citrus, herbs, sweetener and some soda water. You can use your own ingredients or one of my recipes, learn how to muddle on my video demonstrations! Make a MOCKTAIL with friends, family and the kids!

What the heck is a MOCKTAIL, Mo?

It is a wonderful drink made with different ingredients, shaken up in a cocktail shaker and served over ice. It is a fun beverage made without alcohol. FAMILY FUN 🙂

Sure you can add an adult ingredient, but to keep all the families mixing together, MOCKTAIL!

Enjoy one or ALL!

Berry Ginger Cooler

MOST CherryAide

Berry Garden Sipper

Pink & Blue Refresher

For Recipes CLICK HERE!

Do you have a special drink you enjoy in the summer?

TELL US! Or post a picture on our Facebook page of you & your fruity drink, Have fun summer sipping! #MOSTLIFEMOCKTAIL