Jeannine’s Story: How to Set Boundaries and Guarantee Success

Jeannine and I “met” on my Hay House Radio show.

She called in, young mother, budding executive and a passion project on the side.

Oh and the lawyer husband and family dynamics…..LIFE!


She was proving her worth by taking on projects at work and moving her career along, but the pace and losing track of her priorities had her “spinning plates” too fast.

Her story is every working mothers’ story.

She was taking on more to prove her worth and move up. It was stifling her, stressing her out and was pushing her to make a big career mistake.

“I’ll just work part-time and then I can do it all, ” She decided one day during our coaching.

“Isn’t there a different way to do this?” I hoped she would see an alternative solution.

After a few weeks of coaching she was able to step into her FULL power.

She organized her must do-list and “what I want to do” list and set boundaries that made sense for her.

She showed up so differently and stopped taking on everything.

I see it all the time, the over-doing woman, burned to the ends and frazzled. When I can coach her to see her true power, focus her time and can help her practice this new way of “doing it all” life gets richer, better and deeper.

Listen in from Jeannine, herself! Her story inspires me each day.

Get your internal power, your soul’s power and succeed at a new level.

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