Judith’s Story: I Walked Out on My Job, then….THIS Happened!



“I walked out on my job and then THIS Happened”

I see it all the time….walking out on the job because the emotions become unmanageable.

All the time…..

You have done it all.
They don’t see you.

Others are recognized.

You work long hours for what?

The pattern is familiar and your have no way out.

You can’t ask for help, because they would just blame you for not doing enough.

Judith’s story is very inspiring>>>>>her journey is like so many women I speak to every week.

That’s why my executive background and coaching talents come together to bring a new focus…what does it take to have difficult and “impossible” conversations?

You need to be able to navigate these overwhelming times in order to navigate your growth and career.

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Judith is a talented IT and project manager professional.

She was ahead of the team on her vision and what was needed.

But….she couldn’t articulate it.

She was frozen in a past pattern that got the best of her every time.

It was easy for her to conclude that working was just not for her.

It could have been her destiny to give up and let this be her story.

But, that inner voice said, talk to a coach.

We talked on her Clarity Call the day she was actually told not to come back.

The day she was FIRED we talked the truth. We talked about it all.

She knew the inevitable, but it hurt so bad.

We talked about her career.

We talked about this pattern of not being heard, of being ahead of people, of getting frustrated and not know what to do about it.

She walked out because she didn’t see her superpowers.

She walked out because she knew the pain of not being seen and felt she couldn’t change it.

What I have found in coaching hundreds of women around the world, is just what it takes to be a higher version of you to succeed.

You cannot take your career forward, your earnings forward, yourself forward without growing from the inside and having, what one of my current clients calls,

“A jam packed tool belt of career and life techniques!”

Listen to Judith’s successful transformation!

She inspired me in so many ways when she said YES to herself….look where she is now!

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I will discuss the tools and techniques Judith tapped into to get from Fired to HIRED!