Kim’s Story: Why Putting Yourself First is NOT Selfish


“Everyone else comes first.”
How is that feeling at the end of the day?
I hear it all the time.
Women who are trained and raised so well to take care of everyone else.
It is a deep value that conflicts with a person’s health.
Putting everyone else first doesn’t work.
It doesn’t get us the love and appreciation we need as humans.
Putting everyone else first is one of the biggest energy drains I see in the hundreds of women I work with.
It creates chronic tiredness, crankiness, lack of sleep, health conditions, and such end of day depletion you’d think you had just run a marathon each and every day.
The wear and tear is immense.
Few managers want to promote a woman who is that depleted and tired.
“I just can’t get ahead”
“I will get one more degree or certification….then I will get ahead”
It just doesn’t work.

Listen in as my client, Kim, getting her Masters’ degree thought she would have to “wait in line” after her degree.
I helped her change all that.
She put herself first one day….ice cream and the Beatles…..she tells the story wonderfully.
Once she put herself first on that important day…everything changed.

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She decided that the way she was doing it wasn’t working.
Everyone’s needs were first, and she was waiting.
When she changed her habit….her entire life and career went her way.

Those little tiny bruises on her arms and legs….that’s from pinching herself.
Her life is beyond her dreams and imagination.

She has a secret message for you, you will want to hear.

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