Did you know the best way to Organize is to make a decision!

Here at MOST LIFE we cover one of our eight themes each week. This week in “O” for Organization the “O” in MOST LIFE.

I started the 8 Dimensions of a MOST LIFE last week with Direction. This week we take on the 2nd “D”– for Organization, Decisions. Let’s talk about decisions because, getting organized, starts with decisions. As a matter of fact a lot of things in life start with decisions.

Here at MOST LIFE we have organized drawers, organized money, and created lists. How? Through DECISIONS!

In life we have to make priorities and decisions about how we spend our time. That is why I included it in one of the 8 themes in MOST LIFE, because organizing stuff and organizing our lives is important to reducing stress and creating harmony.

Creating harmony and de-cluttering feels good, it remove stress. So lets talk about the decisions we make on what to organize. We can’t organize everything, so we have to decide, or prioritize.  We have to get clear. We get clear by asking questions. So in this episode on “O” for Decisions we ask 3 questions. These 3 questions help prioritize where we will spend time.

Sometimes, the best DECISION is one that will give a gift of positive influence to someone else!

Maybe if you are in charge of the household finances and they are not as organized as your spouse wants them. Stress!

The 3 BIG questions this week:

  1. What is your biggest mess?
  2. Where can you get the biggest bang for your time?
  3. What is a mess that is stressing out someone you love?

This is how we get clear and make decisions about what to organize, because this week taking action on getting organized is important. GO ahead, create harmony. Make sure the time you spend is going to deliver returns.

When I organized that kitchen drawer! Peace and harmony!

We want peace of mind, saving time and saving money by getting organized, saves time.

That kitchen drawer is still organized by the way. And it saves everyone time and effort. We are no longer stressed. We know exactly where the scissors are, we have great selections on pens that work, tape measure, screwdriver, tape. I know exactly where everything is and that has really changed our life just, to organize a drawer!

Where can you take action this week to organize? What is your biggest mess? Where can you get the biggest bang for your time? And perhaps what is a mess that is stressing out someone you love? Focus on the BIG 3 questions this week, take action!

Make a decision about what you are going to organize DOWNLOAD the IDEASheet HERE & get MOTIVATED!

See you next week at MOST LIFE! Remember, DESIGN IT, DREAM IT, LIVE IT! Have a great week!