Self Knowledge is Freedom

Here at MOST LIFE we cover one of our eight themes each week. This week we cover “F” for Freedom.

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Freedom is a terrific attribute to life, but how often do we actually feel it?


We want it, but do we ever grasp it?

We all seek freedom of self and freedom within our self.  Self knowledge is the key to personal freedom. Our soul and deep inner being seeks freedom and expression. We desire to live a life that is in alignment with our purpose, we want to connect with that purpose. This is the true MOST “LIFE”, one that is based on consistent action toward a purpose that fuels us and gives us meaning.

Freedom is truly knowing who this person is- this person inside of us.

I can remember a few years ago getting the urge to bake over the holidays. Now, not being a big baker at the time, I found a recipe that would be simple. I decided on 7 layer bars. These are a gooey combination of chocolate chips, nuts, coconut, graham cracker crust and to keep it all together, sweet condensed milk. These bars are for those who crave sweets! Are they popular!

Every place I worked from that year on, grew to expect these yummy treats! I was a well regarded baker and sweet maker, me??

Soon enough I was comfortable baking and cooking and had uncovered a new passion for creating something in the kitchen.

Sometimes a little creativity can really open us up.

This talent has now actually grown in all sorts of directions as I learned other aspects to cooking. Since my bars were a hit, I ventured into other areas and found myself wanting to make other items in the kitchen. Have you ever dabbled in something and then later, expanded your skills and found a new source of joy?

Freedom is finding that interest, letting it come out and creating more emotion with it, that is  what passion is and exploring it!

As you design your MOST LIFE, then dream it, then live it, you uncover a person inside that may be hidden from view.

I found part of myself in the 7 layer bars… what about you?

Your inner self seeks to be known and spoken to and given a safe place for expression. When you hear these words, you may say, “well, I don’t need to express myself, I am an introvert.”

Even people who get energy from being quiet and by themselves, need to know who is in there! What skills, talents and passions are inside waiting to be tried out?

Is there an inner cook, like I found out? Is there an inner fan of a certain hobby or sport?

Finding this new expression of YOU doesn’t have to be on stage, or be shared, it can be quiet moments of self-reflection and understanding.

The self can be comfortable with the self. It is just this moment when we meet, understand and know the inner self that we are FREE! I am now more free to explore my talents in the kitchen, where is your new playground?

Let’s take sometime to get to know the person we have spent the most time with in our life!

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