Laurie’s Story — My Strengths Were Hidden


Laurie’s story is the one of so many women I speak to. Each week I speak to women who have a career disruption and off they go….doubt and worry and gremlins begin to take up residence. The tapes play all day long….

“I’m not as good as I thought.”

“I’m not able to interview.”

“Will my career and earnings ever come back?”

So many disrupted careers due to job loss, job trauma, spouse relocation and other disruptions….sometimes leaving an emotionally distressing job without a plan can cause many limiting beliefs.

We are what we think, we think the same thoughts over and over and soon they become full of feelings and literally control our reality. As a matter of fact (scientific fact), we create our reality from these energy vibrations.

Listen in as Laurie created her new reality after changing her story, feeling and thinking about how awesome she is!

I am inspired by her story, I know you will be also!!

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