Let’s Get Juicing !

Here at MOST LIFE we cover one of our eight themes each week. This week we cover “E” for Energy!!

Hi – I’m Mo Faul, (for many of you who are new to this weekly newsletter/blog), creator of the MOST LIFE system, and I have had my health challenges, as a breast cancer survivor I have taken my health VERY seriously over the past 6 years. I used to take my health for granted, like many of us. I didn’t realize just how important what we eat, really is, our bodies can handle so much! The toxins are handled so well, but as we get older the body starts to show the signs or wear and tear.

Studies show that with today’s mass food production we don’t get the essential nutrients in foods that were available 40-50- years ago. We are also exposed to many more toxins in the food growing process, so we need to be more aware of what we eat! Eating CLEAN is now my daily routine.

We need more highly concentrated nutrients in our diets. Studies document that the soils are getting depleted and early picking of fruits and vegetables (since they have to be transported so far from “farm to store”) have caused a lower nutrient quality in our fruits and vegetables today compared to past decades.

We can always add more to our plate but can we eat more? We can snack on carrots and celery, but is it enough? Many natural health remedies include juicing and the popularity of some of these approaches has caught the attention of many people over the past few years.

I personally can thank Kris Carr, author of Crazy, Sexy Diet and several related books about healthy eating and juicing, for introducing me to all the various juices and “how-to’s.” Actually, I thank my hairdresser for telling me about Kris Carr a year or so after my cancer recovery. You never know where life changing gems will come from. I am very close friends, now with my hairdresser and she and I still talk juicing and keep each other into the rigors of juicing. She does it at the salon and shares with all of her employees. That’s the spirit!

Even further back, remember the wonderful Jack La Lanne?? My mother exercised in front of the TV with him and he was a big juicer, he lived a long life, active to the wonderful age of 96! We are destined to live longer lives, let’s make it as healthy as possible!

Jack La Lanne, the godfather of fitness, was a testament to the benefits of juicing!

In juicing, a variety of of fruits and vegetables can be interesting and possible to never repeat the same juice ever! I like adding more or less lemon, sometimes one whole lemon per glass of juice. I love adding a bit more ginger root from time to time, more than 2 inches added to the juicer adds a real zip to the taste! Changing the type of apples or adding pears gives a nice flavor changer. Carrots color the juice and I will replace greens with carrots sometimes, but I hold back on the carrots most days, since I like a nice green juice.

My go to ingredients are, cucumbers, kale, romaine lettuce, celery, apples, pears and lemon.  To those, I add berries, parsley, cilantro, watercress and anything else I can find. Watercress is one of nature’s best detoxing plants!

Once I started juicing, I threw out much LESS produce. Some days it is just a “clean out the refrigerator” juice. I play with different apple varieties, some of them have skins that add color.  Mix it up and have fun!

A few tips to remember:

  1. Buy a good juicer, it matters to using it everyday and getting your juice to taste good. I enjoy the ease of my Breville juicer, there are many models to choose from and resources on the internet.
  2. Keep a standing list of Vegetable and fruit items to get every week at the market. Once you get into the habit of juicing, your routine will get easier.
  3. You will have to get up a bit earlier! It does take time to juice, think about time saving techniques in keeping your items together in a bag and/or pre-cutting the produce at night.
  4. Having tight closing jars that you can take with you is helpful, since juice separates over time, you will want to shake it if you drink it later. A screw-top lid that does not let air in, is the ideal container for your juice on the go.
  5. Don’t be shy about adding ingredients, the only rule to follow is make something you will enjoy.

I use 3 fruits and 3 veggies and mix it up.

Download Juicing IDEASheet this week and you will have a great place to organize your juicing regimen.

If you already juice, have you added interesting ingredients like beets? Do you add ginger every day?

Make juicing FUN, that’s the best way to stick with something, either keep the fun alive OR keep the good feelings alive. You have to get something out of the routine in order to keep it going.

A few tips that have kept me going:

  1. I read up on juicing recipes, I follow a few folks who are super juicers, Food Matters.com, Kris Carras I mentioned and Jason Vale, the super juicer, he even has a juicing retreat center!
  2. I enjoy finishing veggies and fruits that I buy. It feels good to waste less, since I used to toss out near spoiled food regularly. Now, I  juice it before it goes bad-I feel terrific and I am saving lots of money!!
  3. Get others involved, whether at home or at work.Find a “juicebuddy”.My partner and I live for my juice in the morning, when we miss it- it’s MISSED! So, like anything, having a buddy to help you stay the course, stay engaged and motivated is a real plus!

Your Energy and vitality it so important to living the life you are meant to live, give yourself the gift of juicing.

It’s Energy week

… and its a busy time, so let’s give ourselves a few other quick reminders!

  1. Get your sleep, 6-8 hours for most of us!
  2. Keep well hydrated! Drink half your bodyweight in ounces of water each day. It goes fast when you drink 16 ounces first thing in the morning.
  3. Start every morning and end every night with gratitude.

Have a great week! And enjoy your juice.

Are You LIVING your MOST LIFE !?